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Colonial Blue AE90!!!

Started by WEBellSystemChristian, March 19, 2016, 05:57:06 PM

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Here is a comparison of the spectrum of a typical LED cell phone flash (solid line) with the response of the human eye (broken line).

As you see the LED flash has a sharp intense blue component centered at ca. 455 to 460 nm.   The seemingly white light of LED flashes results from the second major component in these flashes, yellow, centered at ca. 575 nm, but rather broad with less peak intensity.

It is up to the camera's sensor software to correct for this, against the sensitivity of the photo sensor array.

Image source:  Andreas Wacker, Texas Instruments &  Osram Application Note (2014)

Russ Kirk

I agree, flash is not the best.  Taking it outside works well.  I use a white nylon photo cube to photograph my phones.  It provides a soft even light without shadows.  I use it under the LED lights in my kitchen and found it works well.
- Russ Kirk


I got the 90 finished up yesterday. I figured I would spend all day today working on it, but only about an hour's worth of time was put into it!

The dial card was stuck on to another dial card, which was stuck to the acetate disk. After I disassembled the card retainer, I found the original card under those ugly stick-ons, which is now visible in the retainer. After soaking the disk in hand hot water and removing the glue with plastic-safe electronic cleaner, I was surprised how intact it was!

What really surprised me was the plastics were in great shape. About 15 minutes of polishing got the shine to where it is now.

I think the Green pigment was removed over time with exposure to the sun, making the plastics Bluer than factory. That was what threw me off, the color varies so much in different light, but looks greenest in direct sunlight. Today is very rainy, so the color looks a little bluer than usual.

I'm still happy that I found both an early Jade Green 80 and 90, both in excellent shape!
Christian Petterson

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I love a matching pair of desk and wall sets, as you now have.
I think you should make a bracket stand from a nice wood board
and mount the wall set on it and display them together.

Nothing to be down about, w/r/t color, what you have is special enough.
I also love the display in front of the giant steel gear.


Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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