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Trimline handset cord adapters

Started by paul-f, February 09, 2019, 12:22:05 PM

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After the introduction of modular wiring (installed first by Illinois Bell in 6/72), adapters were created to permit H4DU-type handset cords to be used on Trimlines made with the larger jacks.

227D-29 Adapter - adapts the H4DU-type hand set cord to the jack in the No. 220AL hand telephone set. [Source: WE Catalog Card, 10/31/84]
   -29 is the color code for transparent.

231B Adapter - adapts the H4DU-type cord (plug-ended, modular plan hand set cord) to the AD2M and AC1MP telephone bases.  Available in medium gray only and must be ordered separately. [Source: WE Catalog Card, 10/31/84]

- 227C adapters were also made for tip party identification.
- Find links to the WE Catalog Cards on the TCI Library home page.
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