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Free to good home : SxS Switch & Ton of other stuff. carpal tunnel won

Started by Hill Haven Telephone Company, December 02, 2021, 10:43:53 AM

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Hill Haven Telephone Company

 Hill Haven Telephone Company11:11pm   #16978  Well this day finally came,  My carpal tunnel has gotten so bad that tedious wiring work turns into excruciating pain after about 10 minutes.  My doc said the only option is surgery,  My insurance wont cover it,  and I dont have any help me after i had it done.   Turned 40 3 weeks ago and this is how it starts lol. 

Would have loved to finish building out the SxS,  Sucks i cant do it anymore. 

I have the following

2 31737 Connectors
2 33013 200 Point Line Finders
2 30976 Selectors
20 Line & Cut Off Relays
10amp 48V Switching Power Supply
Interalia Digital Announcement Unit
Lorain Ringing Supply

Tons of other stuff,  a complete com key 718,  Nortel Meridian 1 option 11c,  AT&T partners,  you name it. 

All free to a young one just starting out in the hobby and is interested in switching.   Pick up in Mid Michigan. 

Seems this is the only drama free safe place anymore to post anything to rehome.