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LOTS of stuff for sale, LOOK !!

Started by Vern P, August 23, 2022, 12:41:36 PM

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Vern P

I am trying something new.   I have posted 60 pictures on the TCI picture page, under For Sale.   
 Some is great stuff like, WE A1, 102, Gray 23J, C/S's and some very low end stuff.   Some is priced, other's are "make offer".    All of this is open to offer. 

To be fair to those who don't live on the computer. The ones that are priced, no offer will be taken until 6:00PM on Wednesday.   Yes you can make an offer, but it will not be taken until 6:00PM.    This is because of my pet peeve. Stuff is put up for sale with "best offer", then 5 minutes later it is sold.

All of this is looking for a new home, PLEASE help it find one !!!

Some is new to me, others are many years old.

Yes you can replay to me here, but to fair to everyone. Please contact me at my email of.    Be sure to hit the "next 50" at the bottom of the page, to see more of mine and others postings.

PLEASE HELP this stuff find a new happy home !!!   As it is now just sitting in my cold shop.      Vern