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151AL Wiring Diagram from TCI library

Started by poplar1, January 07, 2013, 10:22:25 AM

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The 151AL (dial candlestick) should have a 5-conductor wiring harness and a 4-conductor cord from the phone to the subset. You can use the base of a cracked 302 instead of a subset such as a 684 or 634. One of our members--kleenax---sells covers for the 302 bases.

Here is the link to the TCI library diagram:

Just use the GND terminal in the 302 base to substitute for the BK terminal in the subset. If there is a ringer wire on GND, move it to L1. Connect the line to L1 (red) and Y-L2 (green). You don't need the yellow line cord wire.

If you are using a different WE dial (2H, 4H, 5H or 6A), just strap the BB and R dial terminals together.
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This diagram is much easier to follow since it was redrawn.  Makes life easier.


hi, my name is jim and i just acquired a 151al with a 5h dial,& a 684ba sub set. could anyone give me a simple wiring diagram to put them into operation? all help will be greatly appreciated. thanks,jim


Does your 151AL have a four conductor cord with red, green, black and yellow wires?

If so, and provided it is wired properly within the phone itself, then the red wire would connect inside the subset to terminal R on the induction coil; The green wire would go to terminal GN on the induction coil; The black wire would go to terminal BK on the terminal strip in the subset; the yellow wire would go to terminal L2/Y on the induction coil

If you have a four conductor modular line cord, connect the red wire to L1 on the induction coil; connect the green line cord wire to L2/Y of the induction coil.  Do not use the black and yellow wires of the line cord.

For proper ringing, connect the ringer and capacitor as follows:

Red ringer wire to L1 with the red line cord wire.  Black ringer wire to terminal K on the terminal strip;  Slate capacitor wire to terminal K with the black ringer wire.  Yellow capacitor wire to L2/Y with the green line cord wire and the yellow wire to the phone.
-Bill G


i have the 4 wire setup. the subset is wired right. the phone(151al w/the 5h dial) is where the problem lies. there was a jumper between the red & blue terminals on the dial. i was told that it was supposed to be a 5 wire hookup & to remove the jumper. right now im quite confused. ive looked at so many diagrams that im blue in the face. can anybody furnish a good pictorial of the whole setup? id sure appreciate it,jim


The strap between BB and R on the dial is correct. This makes a 5H, 4H or 2H dial equivalent to the original 2A dial used on candlesticks. Other than the strap, nothing else is connected to the R terminal on the dial.

The "5-wire harness" or switch cord is the wire going from the base of the phone to the hook switch and transmitter.

The harness connects as follows:

In the base:
Blue to B-Y terminal (next to the RR terminal on a small block)
Yellow to Y on the dial
Black to BK on the dial
Double Blue to BB on the dial
Red to R terminal on the terminal block (R is next to GN on the other small block)--not R on the dial

In the top part of the phone:

Blue to B on the hook switch
Yellow to Y on the hook switch
Red to R on the hook switch
Double Blue to BB on the hook switch
The long black wire bypasses the contacts and connects directly to the transmitter.

There should also be a short wire from the other terminal on the transmitter to R on the hook switch.


The green receiver wire connects to the GN terminal on the small block (next to R).
The white receiver wire connects to W on the dial.


The green wire from the subset goes to GN terminal (next to R).

The red wire from the subset goes to the R terminal on the small block.

The yellow wire from the subset goes to B-Y.

The black wire from the subset goes to BK on the dial.

The diagram at the link in the 1st post above is the best one I have found so far.
"C'est pas une restauration, c'est une rénovation."--François Martin.


This picture shows the 151-AL with a 2A dial; notice that the white receiver wire and W terminal are to the right of BB. On a 5H dial, the W terminal is to the left of the Y terminal and the terminal next to BB is R.
"C'est pas une restauration, c'est une rénovation."--François Martin.


i sure want to thank everybody for the help getting my`5`al going. works & sounds great. now im looking for another 151al that i can restore. i have a 684a subset,so all i need is the phone. anybody have one that the would let go? thanks again,jim  ;D


Another 151 AL wiring diagram (desk stand with dial and subset connection indications) posted in topic reply