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Hideous Telephones

Started by Stephen Furley, August 04, 2009, 05:42:30 PM

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That is an annoying ring! Almost sounds like a little tiny AC it, or is it electronic?



It's just got a small internal buzzer :)


I think your Eiger looks quite smart actually
"now this should take five minutes, where's me screwdriver went now..?"


Maybe it looks but it doesn't feel that - it's made of weird texture and due to time passed it's gone very grubby but glad you like it :)


It's been a while since something new in the hideous category hit eBay but one did just that today.

Actually, I think it actually may be an improvement over the color shown on the base photo (except for those of you who like that shade of green) but it's still certainly a hideous when sitting as used.

Seller even gets it right in the listing title as "One of a Kind Ugliest GE Touch Tone Phone in the World!" but then asks for $1,000.00 BIN and generously offers Free Shipping which includes delivery confirmation and insurance . . .  ;)

Only 23 minutes left to go in the auction so look for a re-list.

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The cords look useable!



There have certainly been uglier decoration jobs done.  This phone appears to be "cordless!"
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We've seen these before but this one is proof positive that they do grow and must be taken to a barber/salon occasionally to keep them from becoming a Tribble.


Terry, I hope you are sitting down!

Seller listed it as an "Art Deco Melted Phone Black With Base and Wires Great Conversation Piece" at $14 plus $13 shipping, and it didn't sell. You missed it! Well, watch for the relist.

The seller said "I know very little about this phone. I do know it's an older phone. It has the old rotary wheel, and has it's wires hardwired to the phone. I am not the original owner, it did not come from a house fire I know of. I'm not even sure it was in a house fire. The bottom  of the phone seems undamaged (see pictures). Makes a great conversation piece, was lovinly called "The Salvador Dali Phone". No kidding, on all of that . . .

(The number card was added with PhotoShop for effect)


September 1965 AE 80. At least it doesn't look as though it had a ringer in it.



I can remember when sticking empty crisp ("potato chips" to those across the pond) packets in the oven to shrink them was all the rage, doesn't work on phones though, just turns them into an ugly mess... :-\

I wonder how people would react if someone were to melt the soon to be released Playstation 4 or Xbox One? You'd probably end up receiving hate mail and letterbombs or whatever the electronic equivalent is today... :o


I will have some minerals with my crisps please...



euh... if i had this kind of telephone,........I don,t know :D


Price tag on the bottom of this "NEW" phone says $135.00. Okay, so it's marked down to at least $35 on eBay, if it sells. Looks like a cake.

Seller listed it as "Handpainted Push Button Telephone Art Work" and claims "This very cool phone is working and beautiful. Very colorful and fun for everyone. Looks like art work. Price on the bottom says $135.00. Great gift. Think it may be new but not sure. "


It looks like a painter threw up on it! :o I wonder what color it originally was...
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