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Hideous Telephones

Started by Stephen Furley, August 04, 2009, 05:42:30 PM

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Quote from: Babybearjs on November 16, 2014, 02:15:39 AM
OMG! now, I've seen everything.... who would do this to a telephone? if you obtained this, how would you restore it?? I'm not sure, but steaming looks like an option!

Uh!,.. What is this thing? esssssssshhh!....Why do decorate a beautiful piece like this phone in a horror ??...It's a crime for me...If I had this phone, I defer to the original this phone as it should be..Of course, this is my own opinion . ;)


I would turn it into a subset.
-Bill G


EDIT:  split off from Lamp Phone Atrocities and merged into Hideous Phones - and therefore, no longer off topic


Off-topic?  It's an atrocity done to a phone, but not a lamp this time.   

This is a Halloween "Telemarketer" costume, or at least it's claimed to be on the blog where I ran across it.   One of the phones on the guy's head sure looks like it has a thick, gray coiled handset cord and the center of the fingerwheel's open (extremely).   

Kinda looks like a Mediterranean Blue 500, doesn't it?


Maybe he tried to sell it as a regular phone and nobody bid on it, so he decopaged it in the hopes of getting more out of it as a piece of art.  In fact, I was considering doing the same thing with my 5300 series phone before it sold.  Luckily a guy named Ben bought my phone.  He saved you guys from talking about a decopaged 5302!

Kenton K

Although not wallpapered. I met a guy who took 500 color sets and mixed up all the color components. He had some ten phones which became rainbow telephones! Then he sold them all.  :'(



The phone relisted @ $9.99....any takers??


If they offer free postage to the UK, maybe... ;D




...ebay...collectables, "R", Telephones, 1940-1969, "decopaged"


Quote from: Babybearjs on December 06, 2014, 01:02:17 PM
...ebay...collectables, "R", Telephones, 1940-1969, "decopaged"

I couldn't find it.


Helps to spell "decoupaged" correctly with the U in it... ;D


Thanks, and it has 2 bids. $9.99 plus shipping so far.


It sold for $9.99.  Exactly $1 more than my working WE 5300 series phone!  I knew I should've gutted the thing, sold all the working parts separately and decoupaged it!  Actually, I'm just frustrated that it sold for more than my phone.


The phone in Reply #418 reminded me of something, but I couldn't figure out what until I saw an episode of the TV show Star Trek.  It looks like a tribble!


I was in B&Q the other day (like Home Depot across the pond, just not as useful and full of chinese tat) and happened to pass their telephone wiring section, and noticed they seem to be stocking the cheap copies there now... ::)

The first one is a GPO 162 clone (the 232 has a drawer in the base, this clone doesn't) which surprisingly had a rather heavy handset which felt like metal, but everything else felt cheap & nasty, especially that dial, doesn't sit right with me at all, and the price, £72....... :o

And the second phone, a WE Princess-style phone with a pushbutton dial, and a handset so crudely made it didn't sit right in the cradle, it just rocked back & forth (rocking in the cradle? There's a joke somewhere there!!), and it's apparently a GPO phone too, priced at £34... ???

Couldn't look at the bases of the phones, presumably they're bolted down to stop people walking off with them, why anyone would want to do so though I have no idea... ;D