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Hideous Telephones

Started by Stephen Furley, August 04, 2009, 05:42:30 PM

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Ugh. Upcycling is a horrible joke of a fad failing to pretend it's something positive.  All it does is take an object and inefficiently mutilate it to where it no longer can perform it's original purchase, and will likely wind up in a landfill anyways once someone decides it's no longer fashionable, only now it's covered in rhinestones.

Seriously, if people want to do something useful with old items, stick to restoration and repair and try to keep it genuine.  If an item is distressed and you like it then keep it, but don't permanently destroy or deface it to get some in the moment look.  I've seen similar complaints about antique furniture being destroyed by people who want a chippy worn look to go with "rustic farmhouse" or "shabby" looks


I wouldn't call what's done with these phones up cycling.
I can it a sick way to make a buck.

That bumpy polkadoted night mare gave me an immediate head ache and hurt my eyes just looking at it.
But some people, who don't look at phone's like we do just get this bizarre idea on how to "dress up" that old phone and call it fart "f-arr from art." And people suck it up, that just feeds the appetite of these artists to keep coming up with these hideous designs.

If they really want to up cycle fix then up, clean them up admire the history of the telephone, now that's up cycling!


What a waste of a blue 500 telephone.

On Etsy site for $125.00 CDN.


I wouldn't even want to touch that nasty thing.
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— Arthur C. Clarke


It looks like someone vomited colored candy "juice" all over a phone.
These things make me cringe.
Mark J.


Quote from: 19and41 on March 28, 2019, 08:33:46 AM
I wouldn't even want to touch that nasty thing.

You're right, even me i woulnd't touch that nasty thing ful of.. i don't know what.....Anyway ,


Oh that poor phone... That takes disgusting to a whole new level.. what is that... Stuff on it?! Did anyone see the wording in the side, Rare phone. It's rare because somebody disfigured it..
Oh the humanity, when will people just leave these poor old phones alone.


On the plus side, I found a very cheap 5302 on Etsy...

On the minus side...
Tony Stokes

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Do that poor phone a favor, save it from a life of destruction..




Hmm a very rare WE dial assembly, looks like an early Type "AH" for "Ah, that's good enough" when the numbers were doodled on.


The link is still working and the phone is still for sale.


Telephone Wall Art

Here is what they said about it.

"There is a therapeutic feel in the Rotary Dial, whether treasured memory or dream
May my TelephoneArt cause actual conversations & joyfulness.


A Chameleon telephone.
Well they got the conversation bit accurate.

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That art truly speaks to me.  It says "please, save me!".
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
— Arthur C. Clarke