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Auction (186 Cancelled: Selled accepted an offer) SC oilcan candlestick

Started by TelePlay, September 27, 2015, 04:35:35 PM

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New forum members are very welcome and encouraged to take a guess. After all, there are no wrong guesses, just one lucky one. No one knows the winning bid on any auction until it ends. However, it is important to get your guess in before someone else grabs your guess.

Just listed in a 7 day auction with no reserve and starting at $65.00 is what seems to be a very old seller described Stromberg-Carlson tapered shaft oilcan candlestick. Finding the selling price for this phone will be a challenge for those taking a guess. This telephone needs some work, the mouthpiece is missing and the receiver is cracked. Anyway, IIRC, it seems the correct receiver for this phone is an OST. Within the first hour of being listed, the auction attracted 1 bidder so this auction will go to completion and we should have a winner. Question is, who will that be and what will they have guessed? I have a feeling there will be some price escalation in this listing over the next 7 days.

NOTE: we will use a $15 gap rule between guesses to prevent crowding. As such, keep your guess at least $15 away from prior guesses for this contest. That would be about a 2-3% gap for this phone and it makes it easier to place your guesses.

So, once again, who best knows what this phone will sell for when the actions ends?

The seller listed it as an "1920's Antique Strombeg Carlson Candle Stick Telephone" with the item condition as "Used" and " - - - " with the auction listing description saying simply "For bids is a 1920's Antique Stromberg Carlson Candle Stick Telephone. This is a great example of the telephones used in our past. There is some damage to the hand set that is shown in one of the pictures. You or someone you know can most likely repair the damage. The phone is 7 3/4 inches X 5 inches X 6 inches."

It's another chance to move up a rung or to get onto the CRPF -> Contest Standings <- list,

     . . . for as twocvbloke said,   ---> "You gotta be in it to win it !!!" ;D "

If you want to see the phones of past Auction Contests, click -> HERE <-


$    405.00 - andre_janew  ( 2 )
$    420.00 - wds  ( 1 )
$    511.00 - Fabius  ( 3 )
$    550.00 - Sargeguy  ( 6 )
$    615.00 - Autonut  ( 4 )
$    765.00 - Russ Kirk  ( 5 )

Early Morning Auction Status

09-27-15     Listed      $       65.00
09-28-15     3 bids      $       80.99    ( 3 bidders )
09-29-15     Cancelled - I did accept an offer. leeann029

10-03-15   Ends at 12:00:51 PDT


Tom Vaughn
La Porte, Indiana
ATCA Past President
ATCA #765
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Went in to check the current high bid and found the seller puller the stick down. Keep guessing, though. I have a message into him asking if it will be relisted. If so, the contest will go forward and if not, I will cancel the contest and renumber 187 to 186.

I hate that when this happens . . . . >:(


Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
TCI /ATCA #4409


My question to the seller:

Dear leeann029,

Are you going to re-list that Stromberg-Carlson candlestick?

I hope you didn't take what seemed to be a good offer and sell it too low.

The seller replied:

I did accept an offer.

- leeann029


As such, this contest is hereby cancelled with no winner and Contest #187 will be re-titled #186.

Sorry about that.   >:(

Big loser here was the seller, I would think . . .