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Good luck with that!

Started by Greg G., March 06, 2017, 12:13:28 AM

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Greg G.

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Wow.  That oughta make my AE 80 "beige tanks" worth about $300 apiece, by that line of thinking...  ::)

I don't think a person could even get $250 for a never used, NOS 500 brand spankin' new in the original, perfect box, with all the original paperwork.  It would probably have to be in a very rare color to even come close to that.

I would hope that the seller just stuck an extra zero in there by mistake and didn't bother to proofread it.  Maybe someone should put in a "Best Offer" of $15 just to set him straight?   :D
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Lets feel a little about this... We are richer than we did know!  ;D
Actually I, feel pretty rich, just to have a hobby like this :-* , but know it is worth lots money too  ;)

Or might it be an alternative "something"  8)



Quote from: KaiserFrazer67 on March 06, 2017, 05:08:21 AM
Wow.  That oughta make my AE 80 "beige tanks" worth about $300 apiece, by that line of thinking...

Well, the AE80s are more of a Rose Beige, plus they have White Numbers on the dial. They must be valuable, right?  ;-)

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