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Auction (230 Cancelled: Listing Terminated) 1882 Gilliland Magneto Telephone

Started by TelePlay, September 24, 2016, 07:51:07 PM

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New forum members are very welcome and encouraged to take a guess. After all, there are no wrong guesses, just one lucky one. No one knows the winning bid on any auction until it ends. However, it is important to get your guess in before someone else grabs your guess.

Listed about 10 hours ago in a 5 day auction with no reserve starting at $100.00 ( with thanks to Fabius for the heads up on this auction ) is a very nicely restored circa 1882 Walnut Gilliland Pony Magneto Telephone. The seller provided a good array of photos. Since being listed, the phone attracted 3 buyers upping the starting bid to $105.00. I see some up side in this listing so once again the question is, who best knows what this will sell for when the auction ends?

NOTE:  We will use a $5 gap rule between guesses to prevent crowding. As such, keep your guess at least $5 away from prior guesses for this contest.

The seller listed it as an "Rare Circa 1882 Walnut Gilliland (Bell System Contractor) Pony Magneto Telephone" with the item condition as "Used" and "Restored all Original (except CNC Name Tag copy) early Bell Contractor Pony Set." and with the auction listing description saying "Rare original Walnut Pony Telephone made by Gilliland Telephone Mfg. Co. Indianapolis, Indiana, Circa 1882.  Gilliland Mfg. was one of several manufacturers that were licensed, by the fledgling Bell Telephone Company, to provide Telephones to their subscribers. This was during the short period of time, prior to Bell Telephone acquiring Western Electric Manufacturing Co. and setting it up to be the exclusive provider of all Bell System products going forward.  Since Gilliland, and a few other early manufacturers, only enjoyed this "licensing competitive advantage" for a few short years, their products are extremely rare and highly sought after by early American Telephone historians, museums, and collectors.  The magneto in this phone includes the rare "friction-drive" magneto mechanism with adjustable Crank tension mechanism.  The Crank has the classic "tear drop" handle.  The name tag is a CNC engraved replacement traced off an original. The Longpole Receiver (single Pole) is a classic period original. "

It's another chance to move up a rung or to get onto the CRPF -> Contest Standings <- list,

     . . . for as twocvbloke said,   ---> "You gotta be in it to win it !!!" ;D "

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$   365.00 - andre_janew  ( 10 )
$   375.00 - wds  ( 8 )
$   424.00 - Pourme  ( 9 )
$   500.00 - tallguy58  ( 6 )
$   550.00 - Kenton K  ( 4 )
$   594.50 - TelePlay  ( 11 )
$   639.00 - Jim S.  ( 1 )
$   701.00 - compubit  ( 3 )
$   750.00 - Autonut  ( 5 )
$   785.00 - 19and41  ( 7 )
$   824.00 - Fabius  ( 2 )

Early Morning Auction Status

09-24-16      Listed        $    100.00
09-25-16     3 bids         $    105.00    ( 3 bidders )
09-26-16     3 bids         $    105.00
09-27-16     3 bids         $    105.00
09-28-16     5 bids         $    113.50    ( 5 bidders )
09-29-16   10 bids         $    263.77    ( 7 bidders )    (EDIT: Updated on 9/28 before seller canceled the auction )

Listing terminated on September 28th at 18:40 PDT by the seller because the item is "no longer available."

09-29-16      Ends at  07:22:29 PDT

Jim Stettler

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Kenton K




$785.00 Please.

I take it the receiver is also the transmitter on this instrument?  Handsome unit!
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Quote from: 19and41 on September 26, 2016, 04:33:56 PM
I take it the receiver is also the transmitter on this instrument?  Handsome unit!

Could it be a son-in-law phone, no need to talk, just listen?

Seriously, that is a good question. Someone should know.


I've seen a dual purpose receiver, but as Don Ameche was using it, I felt the need to check.  ;D
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
— Arthur C. Clarke






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