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Auction (218 Cancelled: Seller accepted an offer) Siemens (S&H) "Hockender Hund"

Started by TelePlay, July 07, 2016, 07:15:33 PM

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New forum members are very welcome and encouraged to take a guess. After all, there are no wrong guesses, just one lucky one. No one knows the winning bid on any auction until it ends. However, it is important to get your guess in before someone else grabs your guess.

Just listed in a 5 day auction with no reserve and starting at $39.00 is a very rare but definitely a project phone. It is shown with a cut cord, at least three damaged areas not disclosed in the description but visible in the somewhat shady, or shaded limited images posted. Seem like every image was posted to show damage (yellow circles added here to show the damage found while quickly starting this contest - there may be more damage missed during this process). It does not come with a subset/ringer but, it is located in the US. Within the first hour of being listed it has not attracted one bid but a guess of "will not sell," while acceptable, may not be correct. Even with damaged Bakelite, this may be desired by collectors. This is going to be a tough one to guess right. It could sell for $50 or several thousand. So, once again, who best knows what this item will sell for when the auction ends?

NOTE: we will use a $10 gap rule between guesses again to prevent crowding. As such, keep your guess at least $10 away from prior guesses for this contest.

The seller listed it as an "Rare Siemens Antique Vintage Black Rotary Stick Phone" with the item condition as " used " and " - - - " and with the auction listing description saying simply "Rare Siemens Antique Vintage Black Rotary Stick Phone, Unique, Untested."

It's another chance to move up a rung or to get onto the CRPF -> Contest Standings <- list,

     . . . for as twocvbloke said,   ---> "You gotta be in it to win it !!!" ;D "

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Early Morning Auction Status

07-07-16      Listed        $    39.00
    Ended on 7-7-16 (about 1 hour after being listed) with the seller accepting $200 from a buyer by changing the auction to include a BIN

07-12-16      Ends at 16:45:01 PDT


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Quote from: paul-f on July 07, 2016, 08:09:47 PM
Well... That didn't last long.   >:(

No, it didn't and it did not have a BIN at $200 when listed about an hour ago. I would not have started a contest if it had a $200 BIN. Rather than wasting time starting the contest, I would have bought it. Someone talked the seller out of a lot of money. The buyer f***f ( 1345) got a steal deal. Anyone know the buyer? What a disappontment . . .   >:(


From Terry's eBay handles list, the vulture is:

jfehl1   f***f   781   3-Jun-12   John   Fehl   USA, California   25-Apr-00   
I checked the feedback and jfehl1 now has 1345 feedbacks (was 781 in 2012). I would say more, but it wouldn't be nice.

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For what it's worth, I do not think the Phone went for only 200 usd. The seller knew it was rare. I think the price is symbolic, to keep the ebay fee down, as it were.


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I wonder if tax reporting might have prompted a reduced reported price?

I'm glad just to see that little unit.  I see new things all the time here!
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