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Scrap metal

Started by TelePlay, April 03, 2020, 12:43:04 PM

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I've seen cruddy lanterns listed but this insane seller has moved well beyond the pale with this listing, which will obviously never sell.

First, a new repro globe can be purchased for less than half this listing so this isn't even a "for parts" eBay listing. Even if the burner and burner cone is in good condition, that plus the globe is still worth less than half the listing plus shipping price.

It's "missing top" stated causally as if one only needs to find a new top (chimney, top cap and top ring) is easily available and looking like (new) (existing frame). Then there is the need for a new flue and right side air tube to replace the rusted out parts.

Shipping is more than 2X actual cost and the item is well beyond repair. The glass globe, burner and burner cone are useful, the rest scrap metal.

Is it worth even giving the seller credit for trying within the arena of insanity (or is it genius?). It's a "BEAUTIFUL PIECE!!"

Seller description:  "Vintage DIETZ D-LITE NO.2 Oil LANTERN LAMP New York U.S.A. BEAUTIFUL PIECE!!.  Missing top. See photos  for condition.. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail."

Yesterday eats you up, it eats everyone up . . .


That looks like something dug out of a damp, composting wreck of an outbuilding, quite far gone for rescue, maybe good for a post-apocalyptic prop or something, but, not much else...