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Weird Mystery Ebay Listing

Started by LarryInMichigan, March 28, 2023, 11:19:54 AM

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I asked the seller why the shipping was so high. He didn't know what the cost to me was. Sent him a screenshot of the price/postage ($126 to the US) and he told me he ships from Sweden.

What does shipping cost to EU members?


"Item does not ship to Germany".
It seems the only accepted shipping destination is USA. Obviously the seller does not have any clue what he is doing...


I agree.

The price to ship the phone from the US to Sweden is as high so regardless of every other strange thing about the listing, the international shipping seems about right, too high to buy.


a package inside Europe costs in the ballpark of 15-20 € or $ US. Inside the EU there are no customs issues either.  A national package would be under 10 €. He might find customers, the starting price is not too bad. But I have given up trying to educate stupid sellers.


Quote from: countryman on Yesterday at 05:45:22 AM"Item does not ship to Germany".
It seems the only accepted shipping destination is USA.

Well, I see "ships to US" but the exclusions don't include Germany.

And, yes, a first time seller whose lack of eBay selling experience shows and I am also not going to help.


If you notice, right under the bidding box, it says "Ships from United States"
He should maybe correct that.


If we are now confident that this a listing by a legitimate, albeit clueless seller, I feel a bit better.  I had been more or less assuming that it was a scam.  There was some crook a few years ago who was creating numerous bogus listings on Etsy using images lifted from ebay listings.  I reported them to Etsy, and they eventually removed the bogus accounts.  I hate to see collectors (or others) be scammed, especially me.



Yes, the US but what are "urdad" and "urpotati"? Also pickup from those locations.

Delivery time is a month so not a US to US shipment. Maybe he used eBay Global Shipping from Sweden, that would be a higher cost for shipping.

Something(s) really messed up in that listing.

Seller replied to my 3 separate eBay messages within an hour of sending and he specifically told me he was in Sweden.

His best course is to end the listing and try again, but I'm not going to tell him that - it ends in 3 days anyway and won't sell (hope he didn't select auto-renew).