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WE ICM on a 464/564 series phone

Started by Babybearjs, March 09, 2014, 10:15:09 PM

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Hi all.... here is my question.... I have a 464 and a 564 desk phones and my intercom line is on the 5th line.... without having to change a bunch of wiring, how can I get it moved to the third line.... I have a 1A1 system and the first 3 lines are connected through a WE 212 KTU. the fourth line is on a 202 and the 5th line is connected to the 207C ICM Module. How did Ma Bells Boys make this type of change back in the day??  John


I've wondered the same thing, with my KSU, though I have a 500 style, with less keys, than the usual 6.



The output from KSU's as well as each cable running to all of the phones were all terminated on quick connect blocks and " jumpered". That is how rearrangements were easily done over the years at an installation.

Post some pictures of how your systems are wired John & Ben.



So I can just "jump" the line from my 207 to 212? it won't bother anything will it? I'll try it....  Enclosed are pics of my setup... Sorry, I still haven't taken pictures of the backside of the KTU since I finished wiring it...