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NE 101G Power Plant

Started by Babybearjs, May 23, 2014, 01:24:57 AM

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 >:( well, today was interesting... I got a NE 208A KTU from Phoneco.... swapped it out with a 202 KTU since I only have 3 phone lines, but my KTU system will handle  4 lines and the ICM. was wiring up the system and went to turn the power back on, and the Power plant started smoking..... found I had a dead short on my battery "B" and I had put a 10 Amp fuse in the line by accident which cause the system to overload and start the transformer to break down.... fixed the short, got the right fuse, and still no power on battery "B".... started to see smoke coming from a transformer in the power plant and yanked the whole thing...... my whole system id dead in the water right now. the phones work fine, just no features until the power plant gets replaced....  and boy!, Yuck the smell was horrible!  well so much for a 40+ year old power supply, you served me well! thank god, there was no fire! (other then charred wiring by the fuses!!) oh well, it looks like phoneco is getting some more business!