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Youtube video of a large 1A2 key system and phones.

Started by Weco355aman, July 14, 2019, 01:26:55 AM

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Here is a 17 minute video of one of my 1A2 key systems.
130 + lines of 62x type panels. also quick view of some 1A1 ktu's and 584c panels. 8 x 13= 104
Do to this equipment being located in my Central office all of the aisles are narrow and hard to get good photos or videos.
You can see photos of the equipment and phones at



Love it Phil! saw it already and you did an awesome job!


Wow, that's about all I can say right now is wow.
That is impressive, and all those colors or phone sets...
Wow.. Blows my mind how much you have. Very nice work.



What a superb restoration/preservation project! Were it not like advanced collectors like you, future generations would never know what had to happen before today's telephones were possible! Truly amazing....thanks for sharing!

Panasonic 308/616 Magicjack service


Most awesome.

If I may piggyback on this thread and ask how very large 1A2 key systems work? As you mention over 130 'lines', and the Call Directors have a max of about 30 buttons, how does this work with the distribution of lines over phones and transferring calls?

I can understand a phone having a dedicated line/button for intercom, and a direct-dial-in or centrex line, but if Sales have 28 lines across their phones, and Accounts have a different set of 28 lines across their phones, how is it possible to transfer a call from Sales to Accounts, as Accounts can't pick up a call as they don't have access to the lines?

Are all teh 1A2 lines piggybacked on a PBX so the call transfer is effected at an earlier level on the incoming lines?

My understanding of key systems is the much smaller UK key-and-lamp systems in the UK with about 20 lines max in an office.


That's a great question, most key systems I've seen are pretty small compared to what Phil has set up.
Most I've seen has 6, maybe ten lines. Not the huge systems like would be found in a large office complex. I only installed systems up to five lines incoming.