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Modular Adapters and 4 Prong Plugs/Jacks for Spade Cords

Started by ntophones, November 23, 2009, 01:35:13 PM

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when my mom had her house the phone company finally installed surface mount modular jacks and gave my mom phones that had modular connector on them. my mom had a tendency to walk around with the phone while talking especially the one in the kitchen. when the cord broke inside the modular plug or the clip to hold the modular cord in the jack broke on the modular plug i just removed the modular jack cover and used the wiring block to mount a spade to modular cord. the spade lugs connected to the jack and modular plug to the phone. at that time the cord and non modular jack cover was available at the local radio shack if i recall correctly where i bought it. this must have been around 1980 as it was before att was broke up. dont recall having a problem with the cord breaking at the jack after that. if my mom had owned the phone i would have simply used spade lug to spade lug cord and pushed out the modular connectors or drilled out the modular connectors in the phone. didnt want to modify something that belonged to the phone company though in case they desided to sue me.

for antique phones it is always best to hard wire them. you can get the necessary 42a block at phoneco. just change the jacks in your house to a surface mount 42a block and you are good to go. if you want to hook up a dsl modem or answering machine a modular to spade lug cord works great. connect the spade lugs to the jack and the modular end to the modern equipment. with dsl a whole house dsl filter installed at the nid would be necessary for this hookup. green and red go from the dsl side of the filter and yellow and black from the telephone side of the filter so make sure your jacks are wired accordingly.