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Title: AE-Collector's 2015 October Tour!
Post by: DavePEI on October 05, 2015, 11:10:01 AM
I met Terry and Kim Biddlecombe at the Cruise terminal this morning, as they disembarked from the Carribean Princess. I snapped a couple of photos of them  the first with the Boat behind them, but the sun also so I didn't get as good an exposure, and the other facing the opposite direction away from the sun.

 They are doing a walking tour of Charlottetown this morning, then going on a couple more tours to the Western Island this afternoon. In two weeks they return, and Kim will be going on tours while I take Terry out to see the Museum...

 Terry brought a bunch of goodies, which I will show you later on!

Title: Re: AE-Collector's 2015 October Tour!
Post by: AE_Collector on December 20, 2015, 11:30:42 PM
And now for " the Rest of the Story"....right Dave?

We were to have two stops at PEI about two weeks apart on our 20 day cruise. The way things worked out we were able to get the tours of the Island that we wanted on our first stop so Dave, Kim and I planned to meet on our second stop and visit Dave's museum.

We had packed as light as we could for the flights from Vancouver to Quebec so that the unused weight allowance could be used to get some phones to Dave. Before we ever left Dave and I decided that maybe he should come find us before our tour started on the first stop at PEI. Our thoughts were "what if we really had bad luck and couldn't land on the second visit due to bad weather?" I would end up hauling the phones home with me AND not finally meeting each other after having been to PEI and just a few miles away from Dave only two weeks earlier!

Well, we were looking pretty intelligent having arranged the first brief meeting because at 7 something AM on the day of our second stop at PEI we received an early announcement that due to gusting wind we would not be able to stop at Charlottetown and would carry on towards our next and final stop at Quebec City. I couldn't help thinking that maybe we caused it by planning for the possibility.

So, after close to 15 years of email conversations about phones and collecting, Dave and I finally met even if it was only for 15 or 20 minutes in the parking lot. I didn't make it to the Telephone Museum of Prince Edward Island and didn't even take a picture of Dave as I figured he would find his way into lots of pictures when I got to the museum. I don't think it will be quite as long until we get back though, it was an excellent trip that we would do again without hesitation. Maybe then we will get to the museum.

Here we are on my GPS (I know, our ship looks more like a car than a 2800 passenger cruise ship) after we made a U turn and headed away from Charlottetown and PEI.

Title: Re: AE-Collector's 2015 October Tour!
Post by: DavePEI on December 21, 2015, 05:25:14 AM
And now for " the Rest of the Story"....right Dave?
Yah, but I got a mug shot of you two on what was planned to be our first meeting!

Yes, it was pretty disappointing when I got the call from you that the ship's stop had been cancelled. I was all ready to head out to the car to come in and pick you up! Moments later, Linda got a call from her work to tell her a reservation for a group from the ship had also been cancelled, and that she should prepare for a much smaller attendance at the Homestead! I was surprised when I looked at the Marine forecast when I saw the weather they were predicting - it was a beautiful day here on shore with light breezes. But that doesn't necessarily transfer to nice weather off-shore.

So I am really happy I got the chance to meet both of you on your first stop. Disappointed, however, you never got to se the Museum.

Anyway, I did get the mug shots at the bottom of this page!  :)