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Title: 1967 GPO Tele 746
Post by: andy1702 on December 24, 2016, 01:09:16 PM
I thought this might make for an interesting post. It's a GPO 746 which arrived the other day. What makes it special is it's from the first year of 746 production and still has it's original case, complete with a letetred dial surround.

Most people think 746s only had plain surrounds, but I've now seen a few with genuine alpha-numeric surrounds, exactly the same as those fitted to the 706. They are actually clear plastic with the figures and letters printed in reverse on the back and then the whole lot overpainted with the colour of the phone body. This seals in the printing and makes it impossible to rub off when viewed from the other side. It's then fitted to the phone using a seperate sprung ring which clips on from the inside.

Note this is not one of the cheap repros which are a standard plastic disc with the markings over printed on the surface.
Title: Re: 1967 GPO Tele 746
Post by: andy1702 on December 24, 2016, 01:16:06 PM
I've now found a piece of film from the BT archives, which shows a red 746 with the alpha-numeric dial bezel allegedly being delivered to a farmer in 1970.

Did all 746s of this period have this surround and when did the plain one come into action?

Below is a comparison with a similar 746 from 1970.

Code on base of 1967 unit reads 746 PXA 67/1
Code on base of 1970 unit reads 746 TMA 70/1

Both these phones also have the early type case with the sloping top. I think that changed around 1973.