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Title: w/e round base with early receiver
Post by: migette on December 03, 2009, 06:42:27 PM
Hi have been reading through the forums, the information and help is great,many experts out there if only this was 20 years ago when getting info was from books obscure notes and the impossible. How easy it is now and i would like to thank all of you as reading through articles etc my life been made easy and many questions answered for which i say thankyou. Your forums are for US phones would comments concerning other countries phones be welcome I tend to pickup phones from our bootsales these are flee type markets antique fairs and vintage comms. fairs. You don't know what is going to turn up. I see there are other members from the UK and read their comments with interest. Anyway getting back to the subject I was fortunate to win a W/E round base phone with a spit type receiver E1 or F1 the early one still learning the finer points with it comes a bellset or sub set story was that it was stored away years ago in the loft and has come to light. I was so determined not to let it get away I set my alarm to wake me at 2.00 in the morning to be ready to bid. I got it but am still waiting to receive it after a very long wait I know its now left customs and yes I am going to be charged, but it was still worth it I have contacted the seller who was very helpfull and gave me further info concerning it. More when it turns up. Since seeing the old films with these phones i have always wanted one in the collection
Title: Re: w/e round base with early receiver
Post by: bingster on December 03, 2009, 07:27:23 PM
Information regarding phones made outside the US and Canada are always welcome!  We have a few members from the UK and a member from Norway, and they have contributed a wealth of information that most of us would otherwise not have known. 
Title: Re: w/e round base with early receiver
Post by: migette on December 05, 2009, 11:35:01 AM
Saturday morning and just checked whether my phone has reached the parcelforce office. It had been posted the same or next day after paying for it on eBay, which was Nov 16th, customs had held it up and charged me. Unpacked it and quickly run a lead from socket to see if anything happened it worked, bit crackly at first, dirty dial contacts, no problem. Model is w/e 102 b1 with the classic e1 spit cup receiver, which was free on its threads so to was the receiver , I know this can be a problem. All cords sound they are rubber and look as good as the day they were made. The subset or bellset for UK readers did not work, this was soon rectified as it appeared to have been wired for shared service or partyline and was soon sorted, interesting to see was a cold cathode tube 333a which was not wired and assume was for the partyline working any comments as I am only guessing that or is it for protection from lightning???? This item came from a gentleman in New York and he said it had been disconnected a long time ago when the had a new phone fitted and that it had been stored in the loft in a box. I would like to thank Jim and buying from dealers like that gives a good feeling, so far I have only had good luck, I do think there are the other dealers who would try and catch you out I noticed one of the entries elsewhere. The subset was in excellent condition and was a 634  1400 ohms coil on the bell. Any comments welcome pics to follow.
Title: Re: w/e round base with early receiver
Post by: migette on December 05, 2009, 02:56:50 PM
Having had a look inside the base of the phone to apply a bit of lubrication to the dial I have noticed that the dial is a #5H and as you can see from the photos is in remarkably good condition.
I think that the little square box fixed to the dial itself could be a 61N filter. The three wires are red, black and yellow. Does anyone know what this filter does ie is it for filtering out RF interference from local radio stations?
I can honestly say that the phone has surpassed all expectations as it looks as if it came out of the factory just a short time ago ie immaculate (no its not a copy before anyone says this!!!)
Title: Re: w/e round base with early receiver
Post by: AtomicEraTom on December 05, 2009, 03:00:50 PM
Very nice phone! You have quite a find!
Title: Re: w/e round base with early receiver
Post by: Phonesrfun on December 05, 2009, 03:04:39 PM

Sounds like you have a good one there.

Wiring it for bridged ringing should work just fine.  If it used the ground (earth) connection for one side of the ringing, simply by moving that so the ringer and capacitor combination are bridged across the line would be how it would work in a non-party line environment.  

The cold cathode tube extended the number of possible parties from three to 8.  Party line and selective party line ringing is no longer used any where in the world that I know of.

Looking forward to the photos.
Title: Re: w/e round base with early receiver
Post by: bingster on December 05, 2009, 05:38:44 PM
That's one beautiful phone, migette!  The box mounted to the back of the dial is indeed a filter, but rather than prevent interference in the phone, it prevents interference to nearby AM radios by the opening and closing of the dial contacts.  

While we have a photo of this handy, does anybody know the purpose of the odd subset backing plate here?  I've seen them for sale before on ebay, but never understood the purpose of the "tunnel" at the bottom (or the top, here).  Incidentally, migette, if you don't like the look of that backplate, it's easily removable, which will make the subset installation look much cleaner.
Title: Re: w/e round base with early receiver
Post by: Dennis Markham on December 05, 2009, 05:51:28 PM
Migette, that is a great looking telephone and ringer box.  Congratulations on finally taking possession.

Bingster, I have seen those mounting plates as well but don't know the proper purpose for them.  I do know that one doesn't often find a subset with those still attached and that one looks to be in very good condition.