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Title: Leich 700 convertible using WE #7 dial; Could that be a typographical error?
Post by: RotoTech99 on December 06, 2017, 01:31:20 PM
Dear Forum:

I have noticed that the Leich 700 wiring diagram mentions a WE #7 dial  can be used with it; I wonder if they meant a WE #6 dial instead?
Does anyone know, please?

I ask because I noticed the large dial bezel looks like it could readily accept an AE 51 or a WE #6 dial, and mount to the existing dial bracket without modification.

I believe the only other thing would be if Leich had a  bezel with the WE designations or a decal that could be applied to the blank plate used with manual sets.

I have seen a couple examples of a dial bezel with AE designations molded into it, but I don't know if they had one for WE dials.

If anyone please, can help clarify and answer this question, I would appreciate it.

It seems to me that if a WE #6 dial was going to be installed on a Leich 100 or 700, it would make more sense as the dial bezel and bracket would already be capable of accepting the WE #6 dial.

Thank you,