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Title: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: HarrySmith on February 17, 2018, 05:24:56 PM
Our member Vern asked me to post his for sale list here. He does not have a computer so it may take a while for him to respond.

Email Vern to discuss purchasing any of these phones at this address:

All are open to offer. No deal made on "best offer" for 24 hours, as to give every one time to look. Remember I use the library computer, so I my be slow in replying and they are closed on Monday.



SOLD #1 WE 653-BC hotel set with dial, 1-30 date, #2 to 4 dial w/ dates on body, bull dog, 706A, 101-A coil, old capastor w/ wood strip, C4 ringer.  $50

SOLD #2 Green 1500S, 2-68, nick in hand set cord, line cord has 6 leads. $75

#3  Beige 1554, early knotch for ringer vol. lever on side, 2554 mod back, color bit dark, displays well. $30

SOLD #4  Blue 1515, 2 line, Black dial plate, scraches above the TT pad, body color good, hand set bit dark, 6 lead    line cord, long hs cord. $75

#5  Black 1500, 11-66, $85

SOLD #6  Turquoise 1500 1964, $75

#7  Beige 1500 9-65, $ 65

SOLD #8  Yellow 1500, 1967, Black dial plate w/ top knotch chiped out. $75

#9  White 1500, 8-66, color bit off, need better HS, $75

SOLD #10  Turquoise 1500 6-67, color good, no hand set $ 65

Early 2500's with smooth back painted dial plate's 11 to 18:

#11 Red 2500, 6-75,no line cord, $45

#12 Ivory  2500, 9-70, $40

#13  Pink 2500, 4-65, needs betteer hand set, $65

#14 Beige 2500, 2-74, body good, hand set bit dark, no line cord, $35

#15 Beige 2500,  4-74, bit dark, w/ line cord, $35

#16 Black 2502B  E/W, ks plug, 3-75, 5 lead line cord, $60

#17 Green 2500, 4-72, color good, small crack in dial plate from # hole to bottom, $35

SOLD #18 Red 2510 HM, 2 line, mod, date 78307,  $25

#19 Round TT plate for 500's dial, 1 Green, 3 Harvest gold, 5 orange, $5 each

SOLD #20 WE G-10, push to talk hand set's, 1 Black, 1 Gray w/ cord, G-5, 1 Red, 1 White w/ cord, $8 each

SOLD #21 WE G 6, hard of hearing hand set's, Green w/ cord, $10, Blue, back only, no caps, $5, Beige w/ cord, $10, Black w/ cord, $8 Brown no name w/ cord,$5, Mod hand set in Red, Ivory, $5,  AE Black w/ cord, knob on back of hand set, works, $5

#22 Soft 500's, Pink, base 4-56, shell 11-10-58, fat hand set cord, good but faded, w/ line cord. $50

#23 Soft 500, Pink, base 9-57, shell 9-25-57, ringer party line 10-55, repaired crack in back, $40

SOLD #24 Gold 510 E/F, 11-62, few small scrachs, some paint lost on line cord, end cut, $60

#25 Soft 500, Dk. Beige all 9-1-55, w/ gray hand set and line cord, very good shape, $ offer

#26 Soft NOS Green 501, 11-9-56, both gray cord, $125

#27 Soft 500, Beige, 4-54 base, shell 8-14-59, fat hand set cord, no line, color bit off, $50

#28 Soft 500, Red, base 1-58, shell 12-30-57, hand set 12-57, both cords 58, 9C dial. $55

#29 Soft 500, Red, base 6-59, shell (hard) 5-8-59, hand set 59, fat hand set cord 59, line cord,dial 6-59, Red 4 proung jack, $60

#30 Soft 500, Ivory, base 6-55, shell 6-28-55, hand set 5-55, hand set cord 68, long line cord 58, dial #50 11-57, tube on ringer, $55

SOLD #31 Red 554, base 8-56, dial 8-56 #53, hand set cord 56, hand set 8-56.  Offer

#32 Yellow 554, base 8-59,W/ early"hump" on hook, shell 8-4-59, dial (#56) 59, fat hand set cord. Offer

#33 Yellow 554, 8-59 base W/hump, shell 8-4-59, dial (#56) 59, hand set 59, fat cord 59. Offer

#34 Yellow 554, base 11-57 W/ hump, shell 10-25-57, dial 9C, hand set 10-57, cord 74. Offer

#35 Ivory 554, base 12-59 W/ hump, shell 12-6-57 color good, dial (#50) 12-57, hand set 11-57, cord later. Offer

SOLD #36  White 554, base 6-59 W/hump, shell (soft) 6-12-59 color good, dial (#58) 6-59, hand set 59, cord 59, cap bit off color. Offer.  White is a hard color to find in good shape.

#37 Lt. Gray 554, base 10-60, shell (hard) 10-60, early dial blank, hand set 60, cord 60, extra dial W/ paint splater, Body is good color, except top is yellowed.

#38 Lt. Beige 554, base 12-55 W/hump, shell 9-4-59 color good, dial 12-55, hand set 59, cord 59, good but bad spot in center. Offer

#39 Pink 554, base 4-62, shell (hard)60, color bit dark, not bad, dial (#59) 4-62, hand set 62, long NOS hand set cord. Offer

SOLD #40 Turquoise 554, base 6-64, hand set 64, cord 64, dial (#64), color dull, but good. Offer

All are open to offer. No deal made on "best offer" for 24 hours, as to give every one time to look. Remember I use the library computer, so I my be slow in replying, also they are closed on Monday.

Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: Babybearjs on February 18, 2018, 02:42:16 AM
ask him if he has any colored key phones... I'm still looking for blue, red and yellow in a 564-65 series... and looking for a inexpensive 465 key phone....
Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: poplar1 on February 18, 2018, 09:29:45 AM
ask him if he has any colored key phones... I'm still looking for blue, red and yellow in a 564-65 series... and looking for a inexpensive 465 key phone....

This is a 465G:

Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: AE_Collector on February 18, 2018, 11:32:59 AM
ask him if he has any colored key phones... I'm still looking for blue, red and yellow in a 564-65 series... and looking for a inexpensive 465 key phone....

I think Vern will check in here and answer any questions here. Harry just put the list up for him.

I (or other Moderators) will be able to mark things as sold in the original post if items are indicated as sold by posts to this topic.

I added some spaces in the list to make it a bit easier to read. Vern please verify that the comment I added between #10 and #11 is accurate, the TT sets with back painted faceplates are #11 through #18.

<edit> Vern confirmed that #11-18 are TT sets with back painted faceplates.

Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: Russ Kirk on February 18, 2018, 11:24:31 PM
I don't see a way to contact Vern. PM sent to Harry with an offer to give to Vern.
Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: compubit on February 19, 2018, 12:16:42 AM
Vern did check messages yesterday and responded (at least to me).  A couple of the items I was interested in were already spoken for (in his reply to me), but I'll let him respond to the group (or others once they have finalized their purchases), rather than revealing what I am aware of is spoken for (I only had interest in a couple of items)...

Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: AE_Collector on February 19, 2018, 01:06:41 AM
May have to use this topic to express interest in an item or PM him. I think he gets email at his listed email address as well.

This link will take you to his member page with an email link:;u=636

Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: HarrySmith on February 19, 2018, 01:15:22 PM
I sent Vern a message on Saturday but have not heard back. He does not own a computer so some times it takes him a while to respond. He has to go to the library to use a computer.
Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: Vern P on February 20, 2018, 06:46:53 PM
Like I told AEcollector (Terry), the Best thing is to email me at  VERN1435@WEBTV.NET  I don't sent a a lot of time on the forum. I will let it be known what has been sold, later.  Getting the cart before the horse, but I will be putting more up for sale soon.
Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: Vern P on February 21, 2018, 04:45:39 PM
This is a list of what is sold, open to offer on the rest.
#1, #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #18, #20, #21, #24, #31, #36, #40
Thanks Vern P  VERN1435@WEBTV.NET
Title: NEW List of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: HarrySmith on February 27, 2018, 09:57:05 PM
A new list of phones for sale by Vern. Please respond to his email, VERN1435@WEBTV.NET, and be patient, he does not own a computer and uses a public library computer for email.

LIST NUMBER 2 All items 20% Off now

#1 WE Inter phone, #324A, pat. dates 11-7-1893, black metal, W/ back mounting box for sufface mounting. 10X6 15X 3 1/2.  12 station, Small 2 3/4 dia. trans, front #303W, hook on front, 1 3/4 bells 1 missing, body Black, trans , hook, bells and station number frames are Nickel, with reciver, chipped MPC. Over all very good shape $95

#2 Same as #1, but front only, has of set hook, switch, trans. mount #7A. No ringer, bells, trans, station fames. has 11 of the 12 buttons.  $25

#3 WE Inter phone, black metal, 5x8x5, 10 station, trans. flush mount, w/ Graybar #179W watch case rec., compete with back,  4-20-20 date w/ chipped MPC. $20

#4 Same a #3, but no back, bad cord and some house paint. $10

#5 Couch Telephone intercom, flush mount, w/ watch case rec. Have 3 complete, 1 no cap on rec., paint poor. all 4  $18

#6 WE 288A fiddle back, back lower back, ringer mount board, with correct hook and switch, most of shelf, NO door, front of shelf, mag, ringer, trans, rec. Top half of back has motor oil on it. $30

#7 WE inter phone, 5x8 brass, 4 station, gray bar 179W watch case, with back box, over all good shape, chipped MPC. #25

#8 WE 293AC, 4-30-07 date, oak, trans#277W, flush mount, early hook and switch, key lock, hard ware very good nick, rec., good finish on wood, no MPC or rec. & cord.  $60

#9 WE 553M, hotel or intercom set, size of 634 sub set, black metal, flush mount 325W trans, black hook, complete, good shape, rec w/ raddle snake cord, cord good, but not great, MPC chipped.  $50.

#10 WE --3L, hotel or intercom, black metal, 6x8x3, paint fair flush mount trans# 323W, ringer, no bells, hook or switch, wiring, rec, cord, MPC. $25

#11 WE 40AL C/S ruff, base has rust thru spot 1" back bottom rim, shaft at bottom has bent and rust, more rust around top of shaft, no base cover,  has cup, perch, face plate are good, switch moves, seams OK. $20

#12 SC. sub set, #1156-BYZ, same size as WE 634, complete, good shape. $30

#13 Wonderphone C/S, Seattle, USA, on Leich C/S, perch, faceplate, hook are nickel, back cup is black over nickel, WE rec. w/ short cord, no line cord, MPC is OLD in great shape, phone is over all great shape. $400

#14 Leich manual C/S, w/ Kellogg faceplate, missing rec., cords, MPC, bottom plate, paint splatter, need to be repainted.  $50

#15 WE #20B, brassed out, made into a lamp, drilled in main back bottom of perch, top of perch OK, stander bolt.  AE rec, very small chip on front of MPC, odd cover on base plate. $65

#16 Chicago straight shaft w/ dome base C/S, w/ un marked nickel Amec. Elec. covered faceplate,  nickel perch, hook, and ring at base of shaft, WE rec., shaft need to be repainted,  no cord or MPC. $85

#17 Metal hotel telephone with in raised letter on front, ELYRIA-DEAN,  ELYRIA, OHIO, USA.,  paper label on back read THE GERFORD MFG CO, Elyria, Ohio can't read the rest, nickel bell w/ acorn nuts, un-marked face plate and cup, SC rec, good cord, metal body has no rust, dents, need repainting and nickel cleaned, repo MPC. When I got this years ago, I talked with Roger C. about it, he told me that this co. and name were very short lived. Paid $125, selling for $75.

#18 WE extction ringer box, 6x5x4, OTS post, steel Tea or Liberty bells 2 1/2 in diam. 1 1/2 tall, have light rust, ringer good.  $75

#19 WE 395 (?) Walnut subset, 6x8x3, with 2  1/2" bells,  walnut in good shape, inside marking have been stamped out.  $40

#20 WE 3" ringer and black bells, could be from a RR sectorter box, has 3 leads, un-able to test, but looks good.  $10

#21 NOS WE F1 w/ brown cloth cord, I-49 date, few scuff marks. $15

#22 NOS WE E1 groved HS with brown cord, black and white show dry rot, red cut off. $45

#23 WE #10A payphone trans mount w/ marked cup and face plate, nice WE MPC w/ star, paint good on mount, some brass showing on cup and FP. $175

#24 WE exctsion ringer box, same a #18, but w/ Kellogg decal, 2 1/2" nickel bells, box blister from heat, ringer good. $ 25

#25 Trans mount for Gray #24 "Wananmaker", nickel in great shape. $25

#26 WE early dial  blank with lead weight on back, looks like old brass or could be the copper wash under black. $10    Just found some more of these, but didn't look them over, if wanted I will look them over.

SOLD #27 NOS hand set for pay phone with armored 28"cords, black HS w/ blue grommet like WE. $12

SOLD #28 NOS armored cord, marked "Adirondack, AEA 32, CDE 433277, have 2 $3 each

SOLD #29 13 Black, 3 Gray, used hand set w/ armored cord. $20

#30 3 slot pay phone, NE-233QF-51, Green III-68 date, looks to be 100%, coin release button does nothing, NE coin door /w NE QC 22 lock w/ 2 keys, paint 99%, bad spot on upper housing between dial and sign, armored cord, Green NE hand set, not top lock. $175  29S and key $25

#31 AE pay phone parts, 5 bottoms total, 2 chrome (bad chrome), 1 black with square front, with AE, Northlake, III, USA, 1 yellow with AE only, 1 w/ slant, been sand blasted. all with top of box plate, 3 extra top plates, 2 that go under for coin box, 2 coin shouts guide.  Offer

#32 AE pay phone top in poor chrome, with black dial, 29S lock, lead shouts, missing bolts.  Offer

#33AE pay phone chrome back only, good shape. Offer

#34 WE 3 slot  #236C, made in to a desline phone by phone Co. Still has the Bell name on lower left bottom, Ivory over Beige, beige daisy wheel, no dial, fake coin shout,  hand set w/ coiled cord, net work in top housing, square bell on back board. $50

#35 WE outside bell, 6" diam., marked Bell System, KS20375-L1, works, paint poor. $5

#36  WE Oak exaction ringer, #27E, w/ 3" black bells, ringer good, wood good, some paint on back, 3/16" in back. Offer

#37 WE Oak exaction ringer, #43F2 1/2"black bells, ringer good, wood good. Offer

# 38 WE Exaction ringer, #43J, 2 1/2" Black bells, ringer good, wood good, clear decal. Offer

#39  WE Exaction ringer, #127F, should have 3" ringer, but has 2 1/2" ringer, no bells, wood good, w? some paint of back, clear decal, has 2  1/4" holes in side.  Offer

#40  WE311A looks like oak sub set 6x8x3, but some type of junction box, No outside holes except 1 cord hole in bottom and 1 hole in back center, over all very good shape. Offer

#41 WE Maple box, stamped #90530, 6 1/2x 5 1/2x 4 1/2, w/ #22 (3 bar) mag, ringer inside marked 1250, w/ 1 3/4" bells, 2 post on top, leather carring strap over top, nickel crack and donut, mag good and rings. Over all very good shape.  $30

#42  Western Union Co. lamps, 1 green with WU Tel co. lamp STD 6A, cast in 2" base, Black one info stamp on bottom, both are 12" tall pipe with light socket on top, black one has a 10* lean. Offer

#43 W.U. marked switch cloth board cords. 1 is 29" long with jack on both ends, have jacks,  1 is 29" long, with jack on one  end and spade tip on other. Cloth cover good on both, but dry. Offer

#44 WE #21 walnut top box door only, with 2 pluged holes and refinished.  Offer

#45 WE #21 walnut top box, door and box well marked, back board cut to make subset, ringer, bell, lock not broke out in wood, mag with correct flat crank, NO switch or hook, small 1" chip on back of door  right side.  Was $100 now $40

#46 Horizzion mag box, 8x5x8,  oak, 5 bar mag, termails block and 2 post bottom side, back board 8x 7 1/2", may have been cut to 8" wide,  Would have been mounted horizion to make shelf to hold C/S.  Like the WE special #287A.  $40

#47 WE 138A oak mag box, 6x 9x 4 early, with pat. info on side, name stamped on front, key lock, #22A mag, finish poor, wood good. $35

#48 WE 502B, oak subset, 8x 6x 4, never had ringer, wiring digram inside, wood good, finish not great. $20

#49 NE 500N mag subset, 8x 6x 4, font door drops down, looks complete, outside has been strip, but still have name decal,  rub spot on front.  $25

ALL IS LOOKING FOR NEW HOME, open to offers,  no best offer deal made for 24 hours, to give every one time to look. As not every one lives on the computer.

Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: AE_Collector on February 28, 2018, 01:01:56 AM
I have marked the phones SOLD that Vern listed as sold and named the first list LIST NUMBER 1 assuming that everything else on that list is still available. The new list is LIST NUMBER 2 to avoid confusion.

Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: HarrySmith on March 08, 2018, 07:24:08 AM
New List Number 3 All items 30% Off now

For Sale + ship  3-7-18  Open to offers

 #1 NOS Green WE mod hand sets, sealed in package, date 10-82. Moved stuff and found these, they are the last of 1,800. about 25 @ $3 each.

 SOLD #2 NOS ITT Beige 564's, mod, 11-85 date. Sealed package. $6 sold in lot of 1 or 3. For packing ease.

 #3 Same as #2, but have got wet. $4.

 #4 Graybar inter-com desk set, looks like a WE C/S cut off 2" long with cradle added, on front of base push button and # card holder, 5 lead brown cloth cord, wool cloth base cover good, but with 5 small holes on edge, no handset, paint very good.

 #5 Kellogg metal subset, 6x9x4, same thing as WE #634, paint fair, front edges are rounded, back is wood, 2 1/2 bells, tested good. $ 20

 #6 Kellogg metal sub set, # 2020 C.B. desk set, party line diagram inside, paint good with some house paint. $20

 #7 Dean subset with metal name tag "The Dean Electric Co. Telephone Appratus, Elyria, Ohio USA" 6x7x4, complete with termail block on inside of door, rings, with great shape nickel bells, cam lock on side, paint good. Offer.

 #8 WE 534 AR metal sub set, 4 party ring, good paper diagram in side, bell ring, old wood coil and relay, look's 100 % and clean, paint next to mint. $65

 #9 SC metal sub set, 6x9x4, paper diagram has 3 different wiring one is #1179 telephone cradle type with 101 coil and B1 ringer, paint fair to good. $30

 #10 Same as #5, paint poor, no rust. $10

 #11 SC metal subset, same as #9 with decal  on front, 100% right, 2 1/2" bell, rings, no hinges on front cover to hold to back, some house paint. $30

 #12 AE sub set 7x10x4, metal, 100% old, 2 1/2" bells, rings, paint fair with spots of house paint, 1 1/2" X 3/4" hole cut in top end $15

 #13 WE Walnut 295A, wood and finish great, paper decal's inside,  no insides other than ringer, rings, 2 1/2" nickel bells. $20

SOLD #14 WE 295A in Oak, 2 1/2" nickel bells, inside look 100%, good paper diagram inside, wood good, finish on door poor, the rest is fair. $25

 #15 WE 296E, oak hotel 6x9x4, paper label inside with 4-17-1894 to 4-30-1907 dates, 2 1/2" back bells on top, rings, with nickel hook, esqu., butter fly mount, one piece back cup with hole and grommet and bolt,  No face plate, mpc, rec., or cord, inside look 100%, wood good needs refinishing. shipped in large flat rate box.

 #16 SC 1155-B-Y-Z, special, hotel set, 2 1/2" ringer #46A, black metal 7x9x4, inside 100%,outside 100%, black over nickel trans., SC rec and cord, paper wiring diagram. $70

 #17 Kellogg #21232, metal hotel set, 7x9x4, was 2 piece, factory upgraded to hand set, NO hand set, has dial, 2 1/2" ringer, 100% inside, paint good, takes stander Kellogg hook to change back, (don't have hook). $30  Add  black back cup only, without rest of mounting. $5  Shipped w/o hand set in MED flat rate box, add handset w/o cord $5, will need large box.

 #18 Battery tray and coil from SC 2 box, 6x6, good, no chips/cracks $5

 #19 Kellogg #705 BA, ringer box, 5x8x3, bakelite pyamamid, small chip by cord hole in bottom, displays good. $20

 SOLD #20 #154 wood back board for 684 A subset, black, good shape. $5

 #21 WE #172B-3 wood back board for 554, good shape, with some white house paint on edge. $8 The #172A is for the 354.

 SOLD #22 Plastic back boards for the 554, Black SE172C, Green, Red & Ivory 172C, 191C same in Ivory, but goes over mod wall plate, Marked Bell System, on back holes are marked for 554, early 1554, and 2554, and 1 NIB AT&T Ivory. All 7 for $12.

 #23 Short #250 (?) trans arm, factory made, not cut off, used on a Gray coin collector #7, used on front of wood wall phone. Arm power coated, w/ nickel back cup & #250 trans., no MPC. $100 add nice MPC $120

 #24 WE 141 W70, this is the early hand set looking thing, with ring on end for the hook switch, dirty nickel, with Bakelite sleeve in center, has 3 cracks by screw holes but no major chips, trans #267W, 2 3/4" in dia., small dent in back cup. w/ chipped MPC.  Offer.

 #25 WE 40B test unit, alumina "Lolly pop" with dial, marked 2-475L, with long black cloth cord with 3 jack on end, no # cardholder. was $40 now $25

 #26 WE 52A test unit marked on back PNX BAR,  #dial 6A3 4-67 dial, in ovel housing, like new cord with spade clips ends. was $40 now $25

 SOLD #27 WE S1A outside ringer horn, with mod jack, works, 5-67 date, Ivory. $10

 SOLD #28 2 WE Bell chime, both work, 1 Ivory, 1Gold, $ 10 each.

 #29 WE L1A out side ringer, with 3" bells, Gray in color, with 181A back board, cover assy, 4-74, works. $15

 Complete Ones SOLD #30 WE L1A outside ringer with 3" bells, Gray in color, 3 ring @$ 8, 1 no ring, uses C4 ringer with extra C4 $5

 Complete Ones SOLD #31 WE 592A outside ringer "Mickey Mouse", with 3" bells, Black, 5 tested good $10  1-rings sometimes, $8   1-back only, no housing or bells. $3  These use a B1 ringer with longer striker.

 #32 SC Space saver, intercom ?, no dial or holes for dial mount.  #A, Red over Black body and hook, button on top with curved # card holder, no cord or handset, (this would look good with the Red hand set that I could never get)  $10

 #B Black with "L" mount, straight handset cord, early bakelite handset, missing 2 screws that hold the hook to the body. $8

 #C Black with "L" mount, marked TW-31 300018,  handset cord cut, later handset. Both B & C have button on top, no dial or holes for dial mount. $5

 #33 NIB 2 1/2" bell ringer, marked EB13 & D-56381_a, 33.3 cyl.  $3

 #34 NE #F2 hand sets, have 2, #A with a clean brown cloth cord, shows dry rot, #B no cord. $10 each

 #35 WE #F2 hand set, clean, no cord. $10

 #36 TS-13-E hand set, PTT butter fly, caps look AE, with rubber cord, with 2 jacks PL-68  &PL-55 $5

 #37 Kellogg Grab-a-phone hand set, no cord, has rec. back cup, missing rec. cap and guts, horn on trans, back bone & rec. cup good, nickel trans cup and face good. $5

 #38 Hand set marked "made in Sweden by A.B.LM Ericsson and Co. Stockholm, Pat. Oct. 29 1895", Brown bakelite back bone good, no chips or cracks, ring on end of hand set, rec. back cup, trans. front and back good nickel, with Green extensicord with small ware spot, over all look good. $25

 #39 AE space saver, later one, Black plastic body with PTT hand set, marked on back L8308, B2, 9-66-28, no dial neck, over all great shape.  $15
<edit by AE_Collector> Here is a picture of one of these that I sold for reference only, not Vern痴 exact item:

 #40 AE space saver #42(?), Black, complete with chrome bands on handset and dial w/ number holder, #'s only dial, some paint loss on body.  $50
<edit by AE_Collector> AE 43A Metal SpaceMaker

 #41 Same as #40, all Black, metro dial, paint very good.  $38

 #42 Kellogg metal space saver with dial neck, no dial, w/ blank, marked #9741,  metal and hand set good shape, paint dull, cord OK with some ware, no mounting bracket. $35   add AE dial for $10

 #43 Rubber "butt set" lineman phone by Betco (?), have 2, both with 3 1/8" dial, cords with clips, belt hook, over all good. $ 18  #B same as others, with WE #6 dial. $ 15

 #44 WE "butt set" with pin tip dial:

 #A with cord, clips, belt hook, slow dial. $15

 #B with cord, no clips, dial slips. $12

 #C with cord and clips, dial good, have 2 $15

 #D no cord, with belt hook, dial need help. $10

 #E no cord, with belt hook, dial OK, missing 3 bolt that hold the body together. $10

 #F cord with clips, no belt hook, dial OK. $12

 #G cord with clips, no belt hook, dial OK. $12

 #H cord with clips, no belt hook, dial OK. $12

 #I  CO butt set, short cord with plug, belt hook, #6E (switch board) dial. $15

 #J CO "butt set", short cord with plug, belt hook, long cord with plug, # KS8010 switch in cord, end of switch body broke out, cord good. $20

 #K CO "butt set" , wrong cord, no clips,#6E dial lose.  $12

 #L same as F, but with dial blank.. $5

 #M  Rubber body only, buy 2 get FREE, or offer.

 #45 Northerm  Telcom but set, newer, looks like "Trimline" with cord and belt hook. $8

 #46 AE "splicer hand set", AE 40 hand set looking trans and rec caps ends, on a felxable back bone, PTT, with head loop for hand free use, cord with tips, tag reads L9004-A0 &AD-17. $5

 #47 Newer plastic  WE dial butt sets, 2 Orange #A, good shape, works, with cord and clips, belt hook OK, but toung tip broke off. $5  #B Orange, cord, no clips,, AT&T, belt hook good. $ 5  #C Blue WE, cord with no clips, belt hook good. $ 5

 #48 Gray Bar Interphone Black  hand set #1003-AB with ring on end, #183W rec. and #320W trans, good shape, but PPT bar in center is broke, no cord. $5

 #49 WE Early brass flat hand set, with 285BWT trans, PTT and button to "ring", nice black cloth cord, ring has been added to end, with no damage to hand set. $8

 #50 WE early brass flat hand set's, have 5, all have some damage, take all $20.

 All are plus shipping, OPEN TO OFFERS,  all are looking for a new home.
Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: AE_Collector on March 08, 2018, 11:01:09 AM
Hey must be a busy guy putting this together as well as packing and shipping!

Any more items on any of the lists that need to be marked SOLD?

Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: Vern P on March 08, 2018, 12:43:57 PM
These are the ones sold so far. #2, 14, 20,22, 27, 28, 30 (the complete ones), 31 (complete ones). Sales have been slow on the other lists, lot of stuff still for sale, open to offers also.
Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: AE_Collector on March 08, 2018, 02:07:53 PM
These are the ones sold so far. #2, 14, 20,22, 27, 28, 30 (the complete ones), 31 (complete ones). Sales have been slow on the other lists, lot of stuff still for sale, open to offers also.

These are sold on list 3? Anything sold on list 2? Confusion (for me) is setting in!

Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: Vern P on March 08, 2018, 07:15:03 PM
Yes these are sold from list #3, I don't have my copy of list #2, will post about #2 another time. But I will say that a lot of it is still looking for a new home, were it can be warm and loved,  also out of my cold shop.
Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: AE_Collector on March 08, 2018, 09:01:25 PM
Anyone looking for chrome handset bands for their prized AE 40 or 50 should buy Vern痴 AE43 spacemaver, List 3 item 40 for $50 as just the chrome caps or a handset with chrome caps is usually $40 and up. Swap the caps over and you've still got a complete AE 43 spacemaker left over!

Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: Vern P on March 09, 2018, 06:50:45 PM
OK, I know this maybe FUN, but I will do it anyway. 

Stuff on list #2 (posted 2-27) is now 20% off.  So take a look and see what you can't live with out.  ;)
Remember I use the library's computer, so I may be slow in getting back to you.

Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: compubit on March 11, 2018, 03:33:15 PM
Terry, #27, 28 & 29 from list 2 are sold  - they're sitting in my kitchen right now ready to head down to the basement for testing :-)

Thanks, Vern, for the opportunity to buy, and look forward to future items...

Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: AE_Collector on March 11, 2018, 04:46:52 PM
Thanks Jim. I致e marked them SOLD

Good idea, anyone purchasing some of Vern痴 items can feel free to indicate that here and I will update his lists.

Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: Vern P on March 14, 2018, 04:01:23 PM
For Sale list #3,   Sales have been slow, now 30% off of what is left.
Still stuff from list #2, 20% off.

Been busy with other stuff, but I am working on a new list.
Title: NEW list #4 for sale by Vern
Post by: HarrySmith on March 17, 2018, 08:39:59 PM
List #4 for sale by Vern:

For sale +ship 3-17-18      Just lost 3 hours of work due to power bump.

#1 NOS AE Dial number plates, number only, older heavy ones. $3 each 60 in a box.

#2 Back cup for LME bull dog, TE234No22, good. Free

#3NIB Lippincott Industres GL-600, 2-86 date, 12 unit interface thing. If you know what it is, than you know more than me. $ 5

#4 C-4 ringer used out of 564's with 1 bell.  25 cent each.

#5 Metal battery box, holds 3 dry cell batterys, 9x3x7, 1 paint good, 1  90% good, some rust on bottom. $5 Have a few 2 1/2" dia batterys $1 each

#6 WE 478B 2 prong jack to mod hand set jack, Ivory. $1

#7 From road trip. WE 354 Black, 4-53 base, 5H, II-41, E1 hand set with chipes on back of trans cup, stright III-55 Dk. Gary hand set cord, the strane sleve has been cut off,  1 white lead cut in phone end. Paid $70 to get cord, sell for $45

#8 Red AE MPC, great shape, threads srunk by 0.030", wrape threads with some tape before putting on telephone. Traded $150, selling for $75

#9 WE 564HLW, 3-77, Red hard wired, sliver line cord, good shape. $35

#10 WE 565HK, 12-74, Black hard wired, silver cord. $3

#11 ITT 2564 05 BA40M, 5-85, Green, hard wired, sliver line cord, good shape. $8

#12 AE 564 type, marked 86200CSLC, 2-60-6, Black hard wired, Black line cord, metal finger wheel, no card holder. $12

#13 WE 564HD, 6-63, Black with round buttons, soft houseing, no hand set or cord, line cord cut off. $5

#14 WE 510 A/B, 10-60, Black, hard wired, metal finger wheel, 4 lead line cord, bakelite HS,. $10

#15 WE 510 A/A, 2-72S, base only with Black dial, turn key has been broke off. $5

#15 NIB Brown G hand set with flat hard wired cord, box marked Walker Equipment Corp.  4 for $12.

#16 ITT Brown hand set with PTT, hard wired cord cut long. $3

#17 NIB SE-750 connector housing, Beige, 3x7x3.  5 @ $1

#18 NOS PC-150B1 telephone line coupler, made by Precison Compontes Inc.$1

#19 4 NIB outside box with cover, mod jack, #SE-16152 L7-4, 5-91 date, mounts into wall. $2 each

#20 2 NIB SE-19316l 7E-4, same with weather proof box. $2 each.

#21 WE 478B, 2  1/4" jack to mon handset jack. $1

#22 WE 716D watch case rec. with 2 lead Brown cloth cord, R2FA29 on cord. $3

#23 NOS WE #196 cord 6' long, Brown cloth, pin tip to spade. $10

#24 WE 6 lead Brown cloth cord, D6P, II-50, 5-6, one end spade with S hook, other end cut, 5-5 long, good shape. $8

#25 Ivory cloth 2 lead cord, non WE, 4-9 (57") with 4 prong jack, placitic leads, good but lightly dirty. $8

#26 WE Ivory colth coiled hand set cord, H3P,III-55, tight coils, but dirty and lead show dry rot. $10

#27 WE Ivory line cord, D3AK, II-50, phone end good, other end cut. 5-6 (66") good out side, dirty. $5

#28 Black 2 lead cloth cord, pin tip on both ends, (raido) 18' long, cut to make rec. or line cords. $25

#29 WE Black colth cord, 2 leads, W2GY, 9-0, 82, with 3/16" jack #KS-21926-L1, other end flat 5/8" wide plug with 2 pin tip socket, marked R&T. Used what made for or cut to make rec. and line cords.  Have 34 @ $1

#30 NOS Red colth cord, Kellogg S&S #309To cord, 3 cloth leads. $1

#31 NOS, WE D-164877, P380707, Red switch board cord, 4-6 long, jack one end, spade tips other. have 2  @ $1

#32 NOS switch board cords, jack both ends, #347A, 4' long, have 2 Red, 1 Dk. Beige. $1 each

#33 NOS WE Green cord, 4W11A, W4CC, 72, with 2 prong jack #464C, other end splits into 2 cords, Red and Green with #412A and 412B, short jack ends, 9' long. $1

#34 WE colth cord, Sliver, W4CK, 16-0, 71, with 464A jack, other end 463A jack with 5 pin tip end, splits, would have had Red cord, but this cord has been cut off. $1

#35 WE Brown cloth cord with 5 rubber leads with spade tips, clip marked D5AA, II-53, 5-6,  cut off to 4-4 (52") $5

#36 Early oper head set #53, date 10-56, 289B 2 prong jack, best part is the Dk. Gray stright cord, 5' long. #15

#37 Oper head set, 8-57, 396A jack, black cord, no head set band. $1

#38Oper head set 5-79, w/l4ca, 15-0, 79, long Balck coiled cord, 464A jack, Have 2 $2 each

#39 Oper head set 1-60 with long Brown coiled cord, (III-59), on-off switch and 29A jack 2' from end, stressed out but not totaly. $3

#40 NOS cord for Orange and Blue "butt set", # 103936514, H2B?,  4 NOS, 2 used. $5 each, 2 clips only $1

#41 NOS cord for rubber "butt set", have 2, $5 each.

#42 NOS cord with pin tip at "butt" end, spade tip at other. $5

#43 WE Switch board hand set rest, mint, has back mount and rubber pad, missing 1 screw. $1 Have some of older ones, but don't see them now.

#44 Brown cloth cord, 13' long, 2 lead, with 1/4" jack on end other end has S hook, use as is or cut to make other cords. $20

#45 WE car phone, #47A control unit, has unit with 14 lead cord with spsade tips, 3' long, PTT handset marked "Motorola", paint and decal good, no mount to mount in car. $45

#46 WE 1/4" jack-plug, #389A, early jack to move the telephone around. before the 4 prong jack. 1 3/4x 1 3/4x 1, Black metal cover, center hole is 1/8" larger than OD of jack.  $15

#47 WE #155A metal wall plate to mount 634 subset to wall, bottom is molded to fit over old wide mob bord trim, (like in my house) have 3 at $3 each.

#48  WE 701B Princess, 5-60, White, color bit off, 2nd year set, 8-A dial (II-60) with metal back cover, shell no date, hand set back 60, rec. cap 62. trans cap. 62, with crack in center, hand set cord 64. line no date, E1A ringer, I-60, Rose Beige cover.  $30

#49 WE 701B 11-59 Princess base and dial only, 1st year made, dial 8A 11-59  $10

#50 ITT/Kellogg "Princess" set, not sure if White or Ivory, 5-66 date on base,and dial, no date on shell or hand set, no cracks, no line cord, light base, or ringer, (never had one). $15

#51 WE 20AL base, new nickel. $15

#52 WE 20 AL base, new nickel, with new powered coated on shaft.  $20

#53 WE E1A ringers used on 701 Princess set, 2 Ivory in mod, 1 Gray hard wired, all tested good.  $13 each, 1 base only, ringer weak, free with others.

#54 WE 3 slot pay phone hook #P345507, used to change a #150 to use F hand set, good shape. OFFER

#55 Wood back board 7x9 1/2, with marks of 6x7 3/4, rounded cornners, lay out match early Kellogg sub set or hotel set. $5

#56 WE 202 type dial blanks with back, no card holder, paint good, 7 for $2

#57 Telephone booth dirctery holders. #A  flat with 7x10x1 Mountain Bell dirctery,  booth good shape $10, #B 3 1/2 stand off from botth, KS-133350 L2, with chain and yoke to hold dirctery II-59,  #C same with I-64 date.  $3 each

#58 WE NIB C4 ringers, 1-84 date, $5 each, have about 20

#59 WE Cast Iron long trans arms (#250) with good nickel back cup, paint fair, $8,  have 6 and 2 arms and 1 base, all 14  $20

#60 WE 8A short trans mount, $2 each or all 14 $20

#61 WE 7A trans mount, for hotel set's. $ 3

#62 WE long trans arm, repo in brass, 2 arm and mounts, 1 back cup, all for $6 before I sell for brass.

#63  NOS, mint number plates for North dial, my tag say, #150, 3C PC, don't remember were I got this info, these has 3 thread studs on back at 3-6-9,  25 cents each, about 20

All open to offers, remember no "best offer" made for 24 hours, as not evey one lives on the computer. Also I use the library computer, so I will be off until Mon. PM.   All this is looking for a new home, were it can be loved and warm, out of my cold 1,600, sf. shop.
Title: Re: Lots of phones for sale by Vern
Post by: Vern P on March 19, 2018, 09:09:08 PM
I know a lot of this stuff may be junk, but this is the last stop before I toss it, and I am TO CHEAP to to that, so help find a new home for the stuff listed in the for sale ad's.   

Thanks to Harry for posting these for me.