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Non North American Wiring Diagrams / Re: German OB05 magneto desk phone
« Last post by dsk on Today at 05:07:16 AM »
Loo bit a little bit closer on the last one I posted, a 1400 ohms ringer with 2 coils in series gives 350 ohms with the coils in parallel.
Thank you for making me thinking  8) by my selves.  The diagram still states a 1400 ohms ringer!

Auction Talk / Re: "Unusal" WE Candlestick - not mine
« Last post by Pourme on Today at 04:59:10 AM »

At $275.00, someone is very proud of it....
Non North American Wiring Diagrams / Re: German OB05 magneto desk phone
« Last post by dsk on Today at 04:30:20 AM »
I have been looking more on German war phones, and even found a bad design. I  guess it may not be the reason for loosing the war, but this diagram ....
Indicates that a 1400 ohms ringer is all to seize the line in CB modus. This is a version of a phone who originally had a 360 ohms ringer, and that will work.  Strapping the capacitor  C2 solves the problem :-)

PS Source:  DS
4 I wiped down my cat with Lysol. My scratches have stopped bleeding, the cat continues to smell funny and he is still mad at me.

To anyone considering anything similar PLEASE research first. Am sure teleplay will have looked it up but so many are using chemicals which will harm - or kill - their pet. Besides the harmful effects to hair and skin of many products, 19and41 reminds us that pets self clean and will ingest the product used. NEVER disinfect.

Better to simply wash your hands after stroking your pets.
so I'm learning! I went ahead  and tried to convert the last 2 buttons on one of my phones and quickly discovered they don't like that.... the last 2 buttons locked up when I tried to access them while one of the regular line buttons were pressed. so.... things will stay the way they are now... but, I wanted to ask and see what other people do and see if it would work for me.... it doesn't....
VOIP, Asterisk, C*NET, NPSTN, XLink, etc / Re: Would this work?
« Last post by compubit on Yesterday at 11:41:30 PM »
Yes - I have the Grandstream HT802 working with - line 1 is a Siemens FeTAp 791 (rotary) and line 2 is a NT Symphony (tone).

Both work extremely well.

Auction Talk / Re: NOS Nanasi Dials - not mine
« Last post by Jack Ryan on Yesterday at 08:30:57 PM »
OOPS. Guess I should have read it. I saw the TA number and thought signal corps. Still a nice dial!

Change my title to Nanasi.  Thanks.

As far as I am aware, it is a Signal corps dial. Several manufacturers made them including AE and Nanasi. Obviously, it is based on the AE dial - that's what the Signal Corps prefered.

They have enough contacts to fit AE, WE and other telephones - a Jack of all trades.

Auction Talk / Re: "Unusal" WE Candlestick - not mine
« Last post by Jack Ryan on Yesterday at 08:26:31 PM »
I surmised as much but it is the first time I have seen that. I did not know you could put the base on backwards.

It is the transmitter that is on backwards (and upside down).

The mouthpiece in a reproduction - is the perch a reproduction as well? I can't see it well enough.

Flea Market/Yard Sale/Antique Store Finds / Re: My first dial candlestick!
« Last post by AdamAnt316 on Yesterday at 08:18:06 PM »
Thanks again for the replies! I opened the beat-up brassed-out 20AL I mentioned earlier, only to find that there are no jumper wires or terminal blocks to be found besides the ones on or going to the three screw hookswitch. >:( The original line cord had been replaced with a length of modern-type 'quad cable' cut off at the exit hole, and the receiver cord has been replaced with a length of (rotting) rubber AC line cord. Needless to say, this won't work for my needs regarding the 151AL.  ::) Any idea on where I might be able to find the parts I need? I have a bad feeling that this 151AL was put together entirely for show; can't think of any other reason why it would've been stripped of all of its wiring and most of its parts . Probably still did OK price-wise, but it's definitely a bummer, especially since we're talking about something a bit rarer than a non-dial candlestick..........
I imagine that tasted real good to him.  :)
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