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Thanks, I was just looking through my old e-mails and found the same info from Walt.  Now I need another one!

Another possibility is "E.A. Williams & Son" or "Willams & Son" who manufactured brass gongs in Jersey City, NJ in the late 1800s.
Oh shoot! I've been thinking that the thermoplastic shell in the 302s was also bakelite...😥 I've buffed a few of the 302s (I've got 7 I believe) with brasso and then a soft rag. Good grief I've still got so much to learn.
Large Hoards of Phones / Re: Estate Sale
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Here's a magneto with an older style bell on top.  Generator puts out 100 volts ac, ringer nice and loud.  Don't recognize the ringer or magneto.

Walt Aydelotte once stated:

"While I don’t know for sure, I am of the opinion That This was one of the 1st Bell manufacturers who operated out of Meriden and Bridgeport Ct. in the late 1800s.  I have a couple sets of these bells and both came on very early Bell Contractor phones.  I know that Wilmot & Hobbs was another business entity who operated out of these 2 manufacturing towns, but their bells were usually  out of steel.  I Speculate that the W in W & S was represented by Wilmot of Wilmot & Hobbs."
Always check your gongs! I found one that was marked “W.&S.”  Not sure what it means, but I”ll take it.
I’m not sure if it was the eBay effect but more so the fact that this company deals with reselling used high end bench equipment and the 1050’s were archaic worthless devices in their eyes.

After all, why would anyone need a 30 year old telephone analyzer in today’s day and age?

Post the stuff on Ebay.... I'm always looking for a good bargain!
Wow, $65 for a 1050. Well I've always said flea bay is driving prices down. When I got my 1045, a 1050 was an easy $5/600, for a good used one. Now , well now they are cheap as dirt. Congrats to the recipients, you got a great deal.
Regarding entry-level 3-slot pay phones, the best thing to do is consider what you ultimately want.  If you buy a cheapie, but then later decide you want it to be “correct”, you may end up spending more in the long run replacing parts.  Learning as much as you can before purchase is your friend here.

The first decision is Western Electric or Automatic Electric.  If you don’t have a preference, then AE will likely be cheaper and easier to find with a network installed and ready to use as an extension.  If you prefer WE, most models required an external subset (network + ringer).  One exception was the 236G which had the net & ringer mounted internally.  A complete 236G is the way to go for a WE extension phone in my opinion.

Beware, there are lots of cobbled junk payphones on EBay.  My first payphone was an EBay buy that looked very nice on the outside, but was missing a lot inside.  Much time and effort later (and buy/sell of parts phones), I have a complete 236G.  Not the way to go if you can help it......

Lets go down the list...

I don't have a fixed preference of AE vs WE, but the 236G sounds pretty sweet, any pictures?

In this case, I would give the edge to functionality/reliability over original parts.  To use an automotive term, I would be fine with a "resto-mod"  with my only real preference that it not look *too* clean externally.   Honest wear is okay, abuse is not.   

I think you pretty much scared me off eBay, those apparently are "rat rods" (aka assembled from junk that may or may not work okay).   

Also, tan is totally fine.
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