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Pay Station Telephones / Re: Mini Pay Phone Controller by Stan
« Last post by AE_Collector on Today at 03:26:08 PM »
Wasnít there something about a newer model coming? Or is that the issue...needing the older model?

Pay Station Telephones / Re: Mini Pay Phone Controller by Stan
« Last post by bigjon on Today at 02:11:46 PM »
I spoke with him, they are no longer being sold on eBay, he sent me here to post and ask.
I do. Give me a bit to dig it out
General Switching Discussions / Re: Brazilian Ericsson switchboard
« Last post by escuta on Today at 01:57:00 PM »
A quick reply to this abandoned thread and to Alex G. Bell and unbeldi in particular: sorry I disappeared last year. I had to have a surgery and some medical treatment and this project fell by the wayside. All's well now and I'll be back working on this again starting next week. If you're still around to answer my questions, that would be great! All the best!
Pay Station Telephones / Re: Mini Pay Phone Controller by Stan
« Last post by Duffy on Today at 01:53:43 PM »
He was selling them on eBay. That is where I got mine.
If you have been collecting for awhile, you know the name Jim Engle. Jim sells on eBay under ATCA. Always has great stuff at bargain prices. I asked him about a SC 1211 that I need to match with my Kellogg. Jim went through his stash and found me this beauty!!! I have been looking for a while to find this.....thanks are the best
Pay Station Telephones / Mini Pay Phone Controller by Stan
« Last post by bigjon on Today at 01:35:21 PM »
Hello there,

I am nw to the forum.  I looked through the 3 pages of topics and didnít find this one, so I'm sorry if I'm starting this incorrectly.

I am looking to purchase a mini pay phone controller, made by Stan, and sold for approximately six years.  These are not for sale any longer and Iíd like to buy one from someone who may be looking to sell theirs.

I have attached a picture of the latest version that Stan made, it had DIP switches on the back of the unit to change which type of phone you were hooking it up to (Western Electric or Automated Electric).

Please let me know if you have one youíd like to sell, or put me in contact with someone if you think they would be interested.


My Telephone Collection / Re: Robs Collection
« Last post by AE_Collector on Today at 01:35:19 PM »
Yes, it is great to see them all together here in one topic Robert! Absolutely amazing to see them all.

Yes most shown here are 50ís not 35ís, the 35 is very similar to the 50 but has no side vents and has the older type 38 handset rather than the newer type 41. The 34 and 35 were first and then they were redesigned into the 40 and the 50.

The milti-line 40 is the AE 47, it has Line/hold buttons for two lines and the little lift up button by the cradle can be optioned for a 3rd Line or exclusion or a push button/buzzer circuit. These 47ís in colours just amaze me!

Iíve been waiting to see the one without the side indents, thanks for including it. In all likelihood this was the very earliest 40 design with no way to conveniently carry the phone around. The carry bar would have been added to this one later. Side indents were first added so your fingers had something to grip into if carrying the base by pinching it sideways between fingers and thumb. Then came the Buttlers handle and finally the more familiar solid carry bar. At least, this is all my take in the progression. The only other 40 without indents that I have seen a picture of is an ivory 40 that I believe is in Gary Goffs collection.

My Telephone Collection / Re: Robs Collection
« Last post by HarrySmith on Today at 01:32:33 PM »
Is the Clear 40 & 50 original AE or are they Ray's?
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