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Wooden Phones / Re: Ringer Not Working Properly
« Last post by Sargeguy on Today at 12:50:31 AM »
Did you test it using a magneto?
General Discussion / Re: stromberg-Carlson 1575
« Last post by rdelius on Yesterday at 11:38:22 PM »
I have the green,white and several dk grey.I wired them with amp connectors for my 1A2 system. The green is converted for wall use with green wall claws
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Thanks to all who played along in this contest.
...and that this word has a different meaning for at least the German speaking members ;)

Taps, tapsen = to pitter patter your feet or paws


You are not wrong. That is part of the history, which I left out because the contest of "Taps" that Pourme set up was death and burial, goes to the full origin statement from Wikipedia which supports your experience with "Taps" over there.

"Taps" originates from the Dutch taptoe, meaning "close the (beer) taps (and send the troops back to camp)". An alternative explanation, however, is that it carried over from a term already in use before the American Civil War. Three single, slow drum beats were struck after the sounding of the Tattoo or "Extinguish Lights". This signal was known as the "Drum Taps", "The Taps", or simply as "Taps" in soldier's slang.

As for the replies, I think the challenge flag has been thrown down and I'm always up to a challenge, especially this summer when all of my time can be devoted to phones instead of moderating.
Wooden Phones / Re: Ringer Not Working Properly
« Last post by TelePlay on Yesterday at 11:07:30 PM »
     Regular Member Post

It might be as simple as seeing how it works with the clapper between two gongs, letting the gongs control the movement of the clapper keeping it from going too far to one side and being captured by one magnet coil.

This is an old, unbiased ringer (no spring) so I would try it with it installed between the gongs and adjusting the gong distance to the clapper to get the best striking pattern.

Princess and Trimline phones rely on the gong stopping the clapper from moving too far from the aramature plate causing those ringers not to work, something I have discovered on the Princess (forgot the number, M-Type) and Trimline P1A ringers.

Your finger in the video is acting like a gong, I can do the same with a P1A ringer with the gong removed, let my finger impact the clapper and that makes it work just fine just as your ringer seems to do with your finger in place.
Candlestick Phones / Check your Gongs!
« Last post by Sargeguy on Yesterday at 10:51:32 PM »
Many of you may not be aware but there are some marked gongs that are prized among collectors of early phones.  These early cast brass bells have inscriptions inside the gong around the hole.  Those that are stamped A.B.&C.Co. are from the Ansonia Brass & Copper Co. of Connecticut.  Ones embossed "W&S" are thought to be from "Williams & Son" of Jersey City, New Jersey.  There are others stamped "Wilmot & Hobbs" that are from the Wilmot & Hobbs Gong Bell Manufacturing Company of
Bridgeport, CT.  I have found these on random boxes over the years, not necessarily early ones, so check your gongs!!!
Collector's Corner / Re: 1905 Strowger with Gray Coin Collector.
« Last post by oldguy on Yesterday at 10:31:01 PM »
Very nice Doug.
Collector's Corner / 1905 Strowger with Gray Coin Collector.
« Last post by Duffy on Yesterday at 10:24:59 PM »
I was going though the Gray Station Cataloge and came across a picture of a Strowger phone and a Gray coin collector.
So I thought I would replicate it.

A 1905 Strowger wall phone with a repo button and dial label matched up with a Gray Pay Station with a repo instruction card.
General Discussion / Re: stromberg-Carlson 1575
« Last post by kleenax on Yesterday at 10:20:17 PM »
I have one of these sets in PINK!  (Can you believe it??)  It even has an original pink bakelite (not tenite) handset!  Truly an impressive phone.  :)
I think that I have one of these cases (just the body) in Yellow, and also in Light Gray. Had one in the "Mocha" color too, but gave it to John Novack.  Still have several of the Light Gray subset boxes/terminal boxes. I use them for their MINT baseplates that are the same as 1543s.
Wooden Phones / Re: Ringer Not Working Properly
« Last post by Sargeguy on Yesterday at 10:11:36 PM »
is it different because of where it originates from.

??? Swedish-American Telephone Co. was based in Chicago.

If there is no bias adjustment screw, maybe the armature is crooked?  Something is slightly out of alignment. You may also want to try tightening or loosening the screws that hold the coils to the armature.
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