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Lanterns, Lamps and other similar items / Re: Big Beam Flashlight
« Last post by Key2871 on Today at 05:04:14 PM »
Right bi pin base, you think it's an R12. OK, because I found 6 volt bi pin led bulbs, just have to verify the size and one lump or two. Just because it has two doesn't make it a hight low, it's how the filament was wired to work. I'll check...

Do you think this is it?

If so now I'll try and find the led type.
Auction Talk / NIB Rotary Trimline
« Last post by Stormcrash on Today at 04:57:20 PM »
Had another lucky eBay find for a new in box retail Western Electric Trimline.  It's an Ivory Rotary table model.  For $36 I think I made out pretty well.  This is the same seller I got a pair of NOS 85/86 AT&T trimlines, the last model made in the USA, back in November.

It should be here in a couple days, but I've pulled some of the pictures from the auction.  Love the text talking about how now you can own your phone.  I'll put more pictures up once it gets here.  Now I just need a rotary to tone adapter to work with my Obi 200 GV line.
Lanterns, Lamps and other similar items / Re: Big Beam Flashlight
« Last post by AL_as_needed on Today at 04:55:50 PM »

It has a single contact at the bottom middle of the bulb, not like the hi-lo lights your thinking with dual filaments (like in a turn signal). I think its an R-12 base, the one with two pins directly across from each other for a push and twist installation.
Problem with LaserDisc these days though is Disc rot and Laser rot, the former is where the discs are quite literally falling apart, resulting in the media becoming unplayable, and Laser rot is the laser modules decaying over time and no longer being able to produce a bright enough beam to read the discs (happens in other optical media devices too), sadly these technologies are gradually failing, and without someone to make new parts, they're probably going to be of no good within the next 10 years unfortunately... :(
All forum members are welcome and encouraged to guess.There are no wrong guesses, just one lucky guess. No one knows the winning guess on any auction until it ends.

Date Listed:  17 Jan 2019
Auction Duration:  10 Days
List Price:  $100.00
Current Bidders:  4
Current Price:  $132.50
Watchers:  26

eBay Link:

GAP RULE:  At least $5 between guesses to prevent crowding.

Seller Listing Title:  "Stromberg Carlson "oil can" taper shaft candlestick"
Condition:  "Used"
Condition Qualifier:  " - - - "

Listing Description:  "Stromberg-Carlson tapered shaft "oil can" Candlestick - BLACK -- All the ones I have seen are in nickel plate over brass, but this is 100% original BLACK over brass - RARE(?) -- I have checked all black areas with a magnet, and definitely BRASS. As found original condition.   No restoration done other than light cleaning. All "guts" are in the base. Spring hook works great. Has all the correct knurled nuts including the large one between the perch and the transmitter cup (see photos).
Cup is marked.   Face plate is plain. Has correct brass-bottom receiver, with patent dates. Receiver shell in perfect condition. Bakelite receiver cap has 1 small chip (see photo @ 12 o'clock position). Mouthpiece in excellent condition, no chips in rim or threads.
Original receiver and line cords, in good condition, some fraying. Line cord has original tips and tie-down strap. See photos. All parts appear to be in tact, but no warranty as to "working". As you can see in photo, the wooden base-cover is partially missing, but what is left, IS ORIGINAL."

Another chance to move up or to get onto the CRPF Contest Standings List

Past Contest Phones:

Guess Deadline:   All guesses and a single allowed revised guess, if needed,
                      MUST be submitted at least 24 hours BEFORE the auction ENDS

S C O R E B O A R D   ( Starting with Contest 328, this contest's topic will be locked with 24 hours left to go )     Players: 0 

$ 1,800.00 - AL_as_needed  ( 2 )
$ 2,257.93 - Jim Stettler  ( 1 )

Early Morning Auction Status

01-17-19       Listed     $   100.00
01-18-19       3 bids     $   130.00   ( 3 )
01-19-18       4 bids     $   132.50   ( 4 bidders & 26 - #18 )

01-27-19      Ends at 8:00:49 PM PST
The gongs appear to be very close to the clapper. Did you try moving the lever on bottom of phone to "Loud" position, in order to increase the distance between the clapper and the moveable gong? If so, do you feel any movement of the clapper if you touch it during the ring cycle?
Lanterns, Lamps and other similar items / Re: Big Beam Flashlight
« Last post by Key2871 on Today at 02:45:22 PM »
I have seen 12 volt bulbs that would fit that socket, but I never looked for six. I'll look around and see what I can find.
I also had an idea for retrofitting for a smaller size led bulb I have seen adapter things that get used in a larger socket, but again didn't pay much attention to them because I wasn't looking for that type of thing.
Is there just a center point on the bottom of that bulb, or does it have two. I'm thinking one, but to to make sure...
Edit, ad .. post the numbers on the lamp bulb base, I'll see if I can narrow my search..
Was the clapper made of copper?  Maybe it was stolen.
The CED doesn't use a laser. It uses a diamond needle to read the discs and it's vastly inferior to a LaserDisc. I had an RCA SelectaVision I got at a thrift and some discs and managed to ruin mine with one warped disc I tried to play once. It's very poorly designed and easy to damage. Way, way too complicated and so delicate and easily broken and very hard to service. I tried taking mine apart and just gave up. The mechanism to remove and replace the disc covers all the electronics and made mine almost inaccessible. I think they improved them in later models, but mine was evidently an early one.

I couldn't believe that one warped disc could shear off the needle, but it did. The disc actually got stuck in the machine and wouldn't go back into the sleeve. So be careful with yours and inspect the discs before you play them. If they have something spilled on them or if they're not completely flat, then pitch them and don't try to play them. They should come out of the sleeve easily and go back in with no grit on them. It's no wonder this device failed to catch on.

If you want some old technology that actually works well and isn't fussy, get a LaserDisc.
Radios & TVs / Capacitance Electronic Disc (CED) Player. AKA Video Disk
« Last post by Fabius on Today at 01:02:22 PM »
Recently picked up a RCA video disk player I recall these coming out in the 1980s but don't think we ever had one. I wanted one since I recently found about 20 video disks at a Goodwill for fifty cents each. And I wanted an example of old technology to show people.  A technology relic. The CED system was envisioned and manufactured (all discs and the RCA players) entirely in the U.S.A. it was the last major electronic entertainment format to have this distinction.

The one i bought is a RCA model number: SJT 100. The sound is monotone. If you wanted stereo you had to buy the higher priced SJT 200. The only output from the machine is a coaxial female connector. While the machine uses a lasar the output is analog.  It's big and so is the disk.

Information from the RCA SelectaVision VideoDisc web site:

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