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Telephone Troubleshooting and Repair / How to use a CB phone to LB exchange?
« Last post by dsk on Today at 04:12:36 AM »
Is it a way to make a box with a sicuit between the CB phone jack and the magneto exchange?
I guess the answer may be YES, so the next question is how I should make it.

I understand the box has to contain some battery or equal to power the CB-phone, it has to at least give a pulse of
40-100 V to the LB exchange when the LB phone is going off hook, or the dial is used. It has to let the AC ringing from the exchange pass trough to ring the telephone, and ofcourse the voice signal should pass trough without making problems.

So far my best Idea is a line transformer letting trough both ringing and voice signals, a battery and relay in series, and charged capacitor discharged on the exchange side of the transformer when going off hook.

Then a ring off signal will be to go on-hook for a second to charge the capacitor, and going off hook to give the pulse, then hang up.

Very nice - I bet that transparent 302 would be worth a few $$$.
Candlestick Phones / Re: WE 20B/20S
« Last post by poplar1 on Yesterday at 11:36:30 PM »
When the receiver is on the hook -- i.e., the hook pushed down -- do the hookswitch contacts have a space between them? If you are still hearing dial tone for a couple of seconds after the hook is pushed down, it may be that the hookswitch is opening the transmitter, as it should, but the receiver is still connected.
The rotary set looks classic and cooler.  The push button one looks sorta boring.
Candlestick Phones / Re: WE 20B/20S
« Last post by Key2871 on Yesterday at 10:47:14 PM »
Sometimes making something shine isn't really important, just getting it back to how it should be is a great starting point. I saw that original green cord on that and wow, so many times people use brown, nothing wrong with that but if you could get the original color, all that much better.
You have done that, I'm impressed.
Making things in transparent cases must have been a special thing for the Worlds Fair. I've seen pictures of a car made of Plexiglass and a RCA television in a Lucite cabinet. I have a clear 2500, but it's not an official Western Electric one.
I try to keep the sets original if it was rotary to start with, keep it that way. If you didn't, but want to make it rotary do that. But again if it's supposed to be a certain way try to keep it that way.
You got a comkey set to use as a regular 1A2, if that has better plastics, go with that. I used to build customer sets, but tried to keep western with western, etc.
I made a 2832 into a 2830, with the top key modified to be a BLF to show sets off hook, I still have the key with 24 volt lamps installed, but I made a smaller custom housing that I could mount to the wall with a cord to connect up to the system. I think I'll take a shot of it tomorrow to show it, it came out pretty well.
Anyway, the point was I try to keep things as they were supposed to be. Makes it easier for working on it if trouble should happen.
General Discussion / Re: Date ranges for WE Parts
« Last post by RotarDad on Yesterday at 10:29:10 PM »
I recently purchased a WE 500 with a date of 3-55 and it had the 3-point dial mounting bracket.  I thought they went to the 2-point bracket at the beginning of 1955.  When did they stop using the 3-point bracket?

That is a great question, and I think we have an answer!  I just removed the cover on a 4/55 500, and it has the 2-point mount.  Mine has 4-55 on the base and net, but the ringer and other parts, including the handset, have March dates.  I would say you nailed this Andre!  March-April 1955 was the transition month.  Perhaps Poplar1 can add this to the date range data in this thread.
Thank you all . Could I get some  guidance on a subset , where
to purchase and the correct one for this phone

again thank you
ebaY Quirks, Complaints and Chatter / Picture Viewing Issue
« Last post by HarrySmith on Yesterday at 09:42:11 PM »
This is a complaint & a question all in one. I am having an intermittent issue with viewing pictures on eBay. When I put my cursor on a picture a description box pops up. If I move to the zoom box it acts as normal but if I move over the description box I loose the zoom. I have to move the cursor around the box and I cannot view whatever is under the box. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a way to stop it? It seems to be random, not always happening on every auction. It happens on my work desktop and my home laptop. It is very aggravating! I thought I would ask here before I try to contact eBay about it.
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