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Flea Market/Yard Sale/Antique Store Finds / Re: A very nice Picker find!
« Last post by kleenax on Yesterday at 02:13:12 PM »
Will it stay on hook? Too bad the E1 didnít survive intact.

Good DIY 4 prong plug.

Actually, it will stay on-hook (there's a "special" bulbous area on the receiver just under all the electrical tape just for that purpose). I also noticed the 4-prong plug being of 2 different size prongs to fit the wall socket properly. Now me, I would have just sourced a "regular" 4-prong plug!
I believe that 2554ís are actually 3554ís when they are 554ís (large) wall phones with adapter plates to convert them to TT phones. Was it only NE who did this?

Stromberg-Carlson did it too.
My Telephone Collection / Re: Robs Collection
« Last post by monophone_lover on Yesterday at 02:08:53 PM »
i have acquired over the years. a number of NOS princess phones.. mostly the 10 button touch tone... i saw one go for allot recently in ivory (witch i have) and it was sanded down... i know there is a strong market for these as i battled it out to get them over 15 years ago...
For Sale / Re: FOR SALE ------ Ericophone
« Last post by FabPhones on Yesterday at 02:06:51 PM »
I fell in love with these phones when I first saw them on Ed Straker's desk on a TV programme called 'UFO'. And I have been in love with them ever since.
I have a couple in my collection and they are honoured because they are the only phone I have two of in the same colour.
Shame they never made them in Black.
Large Hoards of Phones / Re: One day score
« Last post by monophone_lover on Yesterday at 02:05:39 PM »
As far as I am aware, this phone designed was standardized in 1948 by the Japanese ministry responsible for phone service, and the phone sets were manufactured by numerous manufacturers, include NEC, Fujistu, and Oki.  They were probably used until the 1960s.  These phones have been discussed on the forum at least a few times in the past.


The names are all correct as the tags on the front collectively state the companies mentioned.  i have to do a search..  i was unaware of the model being called the number 4.. thanks for the info..
Flea Market/Yard Sale/Antique Store Finds / More French Socotel S63's...
« Last post by FabPhones on Yesterday at 01:43:48 PM »
An interesting weekend. The temperature went up into the 30's so I took myself off to a couple of Vide Greniers (similar to flea markets in the states?).

Saturday - picked up a Grey rotary Socotel S63 for 2 euros (pic 1). Interesting this one, as it has a button on the front, not seen one of those additonal button models before. I'm thinking it is a party line button but I'm told it might be a Mute button (hmmmm, I'll find out when I test it).

Sunday - went to another Vide Grenier and picked up an Ivory push button S63 (in French, clavier) model for 8 euros, then back to the same Vide Grenier I had visited the day before (it was a two day event) and picked up it's Ivory S63 rotary cousin, again for 2 euros.

Three phones, total spend 12 euros. I was on the lookout for those two Ivory versions for my collection so am pleased to have found them so fast. Coincidentally, all dated 1982.

I found a blue one as well, but I don't collect Blue.

Am just in the process of cleaning them up, all good so far, will probably be testing them tomorrow (although I've never had one fail me yet).

For info:
*Called the S63 as that's the year they replaced the U43 models.
*The shell is injected plastic (originally only available in grey).
*The front is tilted at 35 į.
*Made until 1985.

Here they are, the grey one after being cleaned up, but the Ivory pair are still in all their muck in the photo (doesn't look so bad on the pic but the Ivory rotary phone was very grubby!)

Edit: I'll add a better pic of the Ivory phones once I've cleaned them up
Telephone Component Identification / Re: 554 - What is this on the side?
« Last post by Key2871 on Yesterday at 01:19:42 PM »
Yea, looks like a stick on pencil holder.  Probably from the 80's.
Telephone Component Identification / 554 - What is this on the side?
« Last post by FabPhones on Yesterday at 12:58:11 PM »
Pics below of I don't know what... it is on the side of a 554. The seller has called it a dial, but... confused. Looks to me like a pencil holder!

Can anyone tell me more about it? The seller said they have never seen one before and does not know any info about it.

My queries are:

What is it?
Why attach this?
Is it a good thing to have (eg rare) on the side of a 554?
Is it stuck on or does it go into the phone and connect up?
Can it / should it be removed?
If yes to the question above - how, without leaving a mark or damaging the phone?

Thanks. Pics:
Fushigi - A complete payphone can be set so the coin hopper directs all coins to the vault if you desire.  The relay wonít be operational anyway (unless you have an electronic control module to simulate coin functions).

A complete 236G will work just like a regular phone that also dings when coins are dropped, once the relay is held in the proper position (typically with a nylon zip tie).  The coin dropping will have no relation to the phone function, and all coins will just drop through to the vault (or coin return if the coin vane is set the other direction.

Later production WE 3-slots had the coin return button as a way to release stuck coins.  AE did not go this route - perhaps their coin track design didnít tend to create as many jams.

I have some very good internal pics of a complete 236G which I will find and post.  If you find one you are interested in, being familiar with the correct components is extremely helpful.  Or, find one and post pics here for others to evaluate.....
Collector's Corner / Re: Stripped Metal Phones
« Last post by Roody on Yesterday at 12:25:04 PM »
I have a Western 205 in about the same condition that yours was in Doug. Now what process did you use to strip it?
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