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VOIP, Asterisk, C*NET, NPSTN, XLink, etc / Re: Grandstream 702 ATA Modem
« Last post by Babybearjs on Yesterday at 05:34:49 AM »
 :D was finally able to do a hard reset on the unit and it cleared out all the settings. went to to find the configuration info and there is no link or info on what the settings are suppose to be. I wrote Shane, but no reply as of yet... does anyone know what the configuration settings are suppose to be on the Grandstream HT-702? right now, the unit is working but not registered.
Across The Web / Re: Telephone Jokes, Cartoons and Humor
« Last post by TelePlay on Yesterday at 01:49:45 AM »
Finally switched from a POTS line to VOIP.
Way back when I had a bunch of these and no key system, I wired the first line to be hold, second line was the talk line.
The first line I used the switch for the hold ckt to short the transmitter, one of the other switches I used for the lamp to light showing it was on hold. By being on hold it was actually on line, but that switch pair for H was shorting the transmitter in the handset. I was 17, had not clue 1 how the sets even worked. But after tinkering for a while, got it so I could do that, and control the speaker for a radio to reduce when off hook, or just shut off the radio using a switch on another line. I also had some neon 51lamps slid right into the same place, would flash when ring voltage was coming in a line. Pretty versatile sets if you had the know how to connect up things had to change some of the ties under the key to isolate from other things to do this, but there were plenty of terminals to wire those others to. I had fun playing with those before I actually got my first key system at age 32.

I know hold by itself wonít work, but you could use the momentary connection in the hold button to trigger the circuit which puts the hold circuit in line and then forces the phone network out of the circuit.  Again, youíd have to build circuitry and would be completely modding the internals of the phone itself.

For me, thatís a project for another day...

Hold wonít work either (unless you are connecting to appropriate key equipment).

You may be able to design/build a line detector circuit that can sense when the line is up in use to drive an LED, likewise a hold circuit using the hold button as the trigger.  Perhaps use Line 1 for handset, Line 2 for a speaker, and maybe 3/4/5 as signalling buttons? You might need an additional wires, but itís a way to get creative...

I defer to the internet regarding these circuits (I built a hold circuit in the 80s, and likewise had a line sensing circuit that would flash when ringing and was on when the phone line was in use).

(I know that I should provide examples, but am swamped at work to do some research - maybe this weekend).

No clue...


Auction Talk / Re: NIB Rotary Trimline
« Last post by Stormcrash on January 22, 2019, 09:52:34 PM »
A few more pictures

Be Choosey, get Genuine Bell  ;)
Auction Talk / Re: NIB Rotary Trimline
« Last post by Stormcrash on January 22, 2019, 09:51:41 PM »
My Trimline arrived today!

It's very nice looking.  The dial is maybe a little slow, though after 30+ years in a box I don't blame it, and it seems to be mostly right after a couple pulls.  The handset cord was gunky so it's soaking in warm water and soap, and the Trimline badge seems to have yellowed slightly but otherwise its pristine.

Interestingly it has some AT&T branding on it, specifically on the number card, instruction manual, and service sticker underneath, even though it was made in early 1983 (date code 837).  The western electric name and bell logo are also removed from the bottom of the handset, where on CS units had the not for sale marks.  Meanwhile a touch tone wall Trimline I got from Goodwill and made 83243 still has those bell handset markings and an American Bell service sticker.
Briny...Never heard of the speakers but a Dual 1219 is a classic. Make sure you test it and show what kind of cartridge it has. The Cartridge is key. ADC and Shure are good names from my past. Turntables are a hot commodity right now. Anyone buying one already has a receiver and speakers. Speakers have jumped leaps and bounds since the Dual was King..Doug
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