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General Discussion / Re: WE 635 Jack ??
« Last post by Babybearjs on Yesterday at 11:27:45 AM »
I've seen this BSP before... I hate the term "COE" (Customer Owned Equipment) it threw me at first then I realized what it meant.... they should have been a bit more explainitory.... anyway, I'll have to find some on Ebay as I just bought some regular RJ-45 jacks to make a $1.00 order a bit better.... paying $8.00 in shipping for a $1.00 purchase..... silly! (flat fee) thanks for all the help!
Wow!!! and welcome.
Yup, you gotcha a couple days worth of sorting there!
can't wait to see more :D
And more. I will move this Convo and better pictures to the hoard topic if I qualify. I know it's no where near what most of you have in your work shops! I'm begging for my own man cave of sorts right now. Hopfully the husband will give in.
So not as big of a hoard as the others and I wanted to wait until I could make this message somewhat "pretty" before sharing but heck I can't wait. Mind you I have no previous history with phones I usually bring in hoards of mid century dishware 😀

Here's just a fraction of what I've got going
New Member Introductions / Re: A little hey y'all from Arkansas!
« Last post by dsk on Yesterday at 10:56:17 AM »
Hi, and welcome. We have to few ladies here, you tend to better to learn the kids from they are small.
We do not want this hobby to develop to be for "older" men only :-)

Of course we will help you, help you making a collection. I would suggest a setup with telephones to play with for your children, and their friends?

And of-course we will help you finding a new home for what you want to sell.

I have been looking for a subset to my 202 telephone for years, but shipping to Norway has been to expensive so far, and I do not have any plan to make you sell it to me for less than you could get from others. I still mention it in case some trade or something would be of interest.

Best wishes from Norway

General Discussion / Re: WE 635 Jack ??
« Last post by AE_Collector on Yesterday at 10:43:09 AM »
Commonly referred to as an alarm jack as it is installed so an alarm system can be plugged into it later extending the line through the alarm system and back out to the telephone sets. This gives the alarm system the ability to disconnect the tel sets and take control of the line. The jack has two shorting bars inside that connect pair 1 (line in) to pair 4 (out) when nothing is plugged into it thus the alarm being unplugged doesn’t leave the circuit open and phones disconnected. Obviously this would work for anything else that needs to be in series rather than in parallel with the line.

New Member Introductions / Re: A little hey y'all from Arkansas!
« Last post by WEBellSystemChristian on Yesterday at 10:40:30 AM »
Welcome to CRPF!

It definitely sounds like you have an interesting stash you acquired. Yes, please post some pictures here...we will definitely be able help you out with what you have and what some might be worth. ;)
New Member Introductions / Re: A little hey y'all from Arkansas!
« Last post by Duffy on Yesterday at 07:36:53 AM »
Welcome to CRPF. Sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you with your new phone collection. Enjoy.

Find of the Month / Re: Find of the Month - April 2018
« Last post by Sigmaz on Yesterday at 07:04:19 AM »
Thanks for posting this for me. ;D

Yes, I would like to submit this find for “Find of the month” please.

I’m nominating Sigmaz’ BK Precision 1050 Telephone Analyzer that he snapped up for $65 and no shipping as he was able to pick it up a couple of minutes away from his office! Not a 1045 but a 1050 Deluxe model...well done Jon! Of course the seller had two of them and once the dust settles the second one is coming to me but my price will be at least double with the shipping. Still, I’m happy.

New Member Introductions / Re: A little hey y'all from Arkansas!
« Last post by HarrySmith on Yesterday at 06:53:54 AM »
Welcome to the asylum! Spend all night & day? Sounds like you are deep in the grips of Phoneitis already. No need to worry, everyone here is an addict too! I am sure you have lot's of stuff people here will want. As already stated, we need pictures! I hope you took some of the stash "as found", that is always the most interesting part.
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