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I also don't know much about candle stick price's, but I'd say $3500.

Old speakers, around the edge of the come if they used a flexible foam rubber to allow for movements, that stuff breaks down after several years, especially if stored in an attic. So first off I would just try them using  tuner or amp with a turntable to see if they even still work.
If they do and you still want to look at the actual speakers, try removing the grill stuff from the front. But keep in mind that it will most likely come off in chunks and Peace's. And you may have to replace the front with fabric or similar for speakers. It's not too hard, depending on what you use.
The polarity marks on the terminals are for reference, so you can wire each oppositely to produce better bass response.  Regrettably, many makers sealed the housings so as not to reveal the puny inner workings.
$1525.00  Please.
From memory:

The fabric on the front is stretched taut over a frame. The frame pushes into place (but could be Velcro),
In the US, some did have a nylon pin-and-socket arrangement. Velcro was more common among my group of friends.
Class of 1979,
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