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Contest Winner:  TelePlay
Guessed Price:  $98.00
Total Wins: 26

Auction Winner: n***m ( 1977 )
Winning Price:   $78.77
Bidders:  3
Bids:  3

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Thanks to all who played along in this contest.
So long as there is fuel, lanterns will always be glowing, even if some of them will lack mantles eventually...  ;D
Loss? Nothing lost here, well, maybe my sanity a little, as proven by "salvaging" a neighbours broken cheap, poor quality TV (Want the LED array from it!!) this evening, probably made in china... ;D
The posts I was bothered by were old...didn't realize this was a revival of an old thread. They were made by "guest" posters too.  Thanks for straightening me out.
I initially thought he may have been referring to me since I was implying that it would be wrong to chop off the spades. But then instead I suspected it was comments made in the video itself which I havenít watched. are likely correct John, stuff said by the Non Members.

Ah, that's a shame then. Sorry for your loss.  :P

There's a whiff of elitism in some of these remarks, and that's unfortunate.

MODERATOR NOTE:  Please tell me where you read this. I read all recent posts for such and missed it.

Now, if you are referring to the topic and replies prior to Reply #12, please keep in mind that all of those post were made by people who are no longer members of the forum due to the more than a "whiff of elitism" displayed by them in hundreds of posts starting around July 1st of 2017.

The most recent discussion was a revival of an old topic and dealt with the test equipment and subsequent identification of line word wiring. I found nothing elitist in any of the post from #12 to this one.

If I missed something, let me know. Just trying to set the record straight in any "whiff" you might have detected was dealt with more than 6  months ago, when the topic went dead until the past day or two.

Nothing wrong or bad or offensive with your comment if you are referring the to topic and it's first 11 replies. You may have just missed the revival of an old topic thinking that was all said in the past few days. This was one of the topics that was right on the line as to keeping it or deleting it. It was kept due to some of the good information written in the early posts.

Feel free to PM me of you want the full story.


BTW:  As a fellow member, I found many of his videos interesting in one way or another - learning some things and disagreeing with others, but, hey, "it's a hobby, it's supposed to be fun" (Doug Rose).

And now I know what a wire plug is/was. Never saw one of those before.
This is called a "wire plug." It is designed for terminating solid copper wires. It isn't designed for spade-tipped cords. It uses insulation displacement rather than screw terminals.

Even knowing what they are called turned up an empty search for them. They must be old school, no longer available, or discontinued when inventory ran out - not made anymore.

Given what you said, I see no difference in mounting them than actually crimping a modular plug onto the line.

Starting with the larger throat cloth cord modular plug (and even enlarging it carefully for a really fat line cord if need be) and crimping the leads into the plug would be doing the same damage or the same result of using a wire plug (cutting off original spades).

The only difference is the crimped plug would look cleaner and being shorter (doesn't stick out from the wall plug where it could be busted off by furniture movement) would have a longer life span.

Technically speaking, it was made in Hong Kong, and by the age of it, HK was probably still under UK government control, so, it was made in the British Empire... ;D
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