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I saw this sign in person at the last ATCA national show where Jerry had it on his table. With it's thick porcelain layers with noticeable difference between the two layers I think the sign is original. It is possible that since this company was not part of the Bell System they used the L&LD bell well past the introduction of the '21 bell.
Well, everyone knew that there had to be ONE person somewhere who didn’t like ABBA.

The “Bring back ABBA” coalition...

from the dead?
ok, so I got in touch with the guy from the antique store (really a junk store it seems) , and he confirmed rthe price of 380 pesos . He is getting me a shipping price.

Accordinfg to 380 pesos is $20.08 plus shipping will cost me another $7 or $8 USD I am guessing , maybe $10 at max.

I can see from the images some problems already like the nuts missing that hold the metal handle on it seems , also there appears to be no line cord. Not insurmountable problems but to be dealt with nonetheless. Not likely I will find an original line cord but think I may have something close in round cable.

Less than 30 USD and I have not found a single one that sold for less than 170 Euros ($207 USD at todays exchange rate), so I must be doing okay.

I almost thought this was a toy phone when I first waw it in the pics among others .

Too bad I am not an Abba fan!


General Discussion / Re: What will we do without POTS?
« Last post by Nessie on January 14, 2018, 09:48:43 PM »
I have Comcast as my phone provider, when I  first subscribed a few years ago, my rotary phones all worked.  In the last 2 years, they would not dial out any more so I bought a DialGizmo & they all worked again.  Late last year my Comcast phone modem died & they replaced it with a newer modem,  unfortunately the DialGizmo no longer worked.  I was stumped & tried different converters finally finding that the one I  bought from Old Phone Works did allow the rotary phones to dial out,  but it does not allow the # or * function.
Any one know why the DialGizmo is not  compatible but the Old Phone Works is?  I tried the DialGizmo on some of my friends phones & it worked so I know it is good.
Lanterns, Lamps and other similar items / Re: Lantern Converted to Electric
« Last post by AL_as_needed on January 14, 2018, 09:21:44 PM »
Apparently conversion to electric is but one option for the modern lantern enthusiast. Here is an interesting take; All the fun of a real flame with out the hassle of kerosene and adjusting those pesky wicks!

I for one am left with many many questions.
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Thanks to all who played along in this contest.
Collector's Corner / Re: AE 24 Dials and Early Logos
« Last post by stub on January 14, 2018, 09:18:10 PM »
Bruce ,
           Call Steve Hilsz  . He can tell you all about this dial. I ordered some parts and he told me all about it , very interesting . stub
Was just looking at Stubs wiring diagram post for AE35.

Ken posted this picture of the back with code 9CS. A perfect example of the mixed up format sometimes seen for these codes “two letter codes”. The plant/assembly line digit is virtually always the last entry not the first. Most often the two letters seem to be the Bi-weekly Letter then the Year letter. I’m convinced that the 26 Letter year chart started with A in 1932 and then rolled over to A again in 1958.

Since AE35’s were made from about 1935 to 1940 and since this Code is obviously flipped around, I would say the C is 1934 and the S is 19th biweekly period so likely September. This would seem quite likely when they would be ramping up production to allow them to start shipping this brand new modern wall phone companion to the very recently released AE 34 Desk Phone.

If they always put the number first when doing the codes as YEAR - MONTH rather than MONTH - YEAR it would be easy to “decode”. But I have seen several examples where the number IS in the third position but the letters can’t possibly be MONTH - YEAR, they need to be flipped for the date to make sense.

Kens example also clearly indicates that these codes were added at a different time than the model number codes. So phones could be assembled or at least be partially assembled ahead of time leading to some internal components being dated a bit earlier than the back plate. Then the backplates stamped at the time of final assembly, packaging and shipping. This could then be somewhat of a warranty indicator as well then.

I knew this wasn’t going to be easy but am still very encouraged by the results. Who would have thought that AE dated things!

Looks like I had half a chance. Wonder if that's the widest margin between guess and sell price.
Collector's Corner / Re: AE 24 Dials and Early Logos
« Last post by Slal on January 14, 2018, 08:52:04 PM »
Will try to get around to posting photos for Stubs.  Tablet is charging.

Right now am thinking: either contact Steve Hiltz (but have been spending too much money this month) or if I work on the dial at all-- take the good cam shaft from "A" dial and put it on the 51.  Easiest way to have at least one good one. 

Have to think about if want to learn how to disassemble one or both dials to get to brass part on main shaft, deal with number of winds, also remove & replace cam, etc.  Be a good learning exercise, but sometimes better off knowing when to quit and just turn it over to someone like Steve who specializes in this sort of thing. 

Thanks for replies.  Been really cold here so haven't spent much time in the shop.  Will be in touch!

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