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Real Nice Jeff.....thanks for posting it....Doug
Real Nice Jeff.....thanks for posting it....Doug

Thanks Doug.

If you check the back of the dial it will have the color code stamped on it. Probably -60 for Beige. Ivory would be -50. White is -58.

Check Paul's site:
QM probably = Quarter Modular, so circa 1974 or later.

Western Electric discontinued "Rose Beige " (dash 55 color code) in 1957. The WE rose beige sets had white letters and figures on the dial number plate.

So I'm guessing it's not rose beige.

The true color is more likely that of the inside if the housing or handset, where there was no exposure to sunlight.
General Discussion / Stromberg Carlson SC 500 DQM colour confirmation please
« Last post by FabPhones on Yesterday at 08:14:35 AM »
I bought this as Ivory. It ws listed as Ivory, and looked Ivory in the pics. now it has turned up it is anything but Ivory.

I've tried to gete a more accurate colour photo of it but even for me the photo is showing it up lilghter than it is to the eye. To me it looks quite dark, even with a pinky tone. That of course could be its aging. Not much difference in colour under the handset.

Is it Beige, or Rose Beige? Did they make a Dark Beige?

Thanks for any colour ident help guys.
I have seen photos of ships phones with a cover over the dial. It does look like something of that ilk was fitted.

I'd be very interested to follow it's auction on eBay. A nice unusual piece.

Another nice find.
Good call Larry, I was thinking maybe an earlier dial blank before I noticed the dial has a slight indent for the holes...Doug
Judging by the residue which runs in a circle around the dial, I would guess that there was some sort of surround or cover mounted around the dial and held by screws or pins which went though those holes.

F/P  ....   I think I've posted this one before, but can't remember.   The attached "PDF" picture file is of the same telephone that I restored for another collector here in Canada.      I made the display stand for him as well, but he was very particular as to how it was finished.      The pictures show the French subset that accompanied the telephone set when it was in service.     There are a couple of pictures of the tags as well.    Just increase your "PDF" reader page size to 200 percent to make reading the tags easier.     I would have liked to sand and re-plate the set's hardware, but if the set is a foreign model to which I don't have access to parts in case of breakage, I won't attempt anything that could result in damage.

The display stand is made of hard maple.

Have a great evening.

Jeff Lamb
Real Nice Jeff.....thanks for posting it....Doug
Auction Talk / Re: Interesting strategy
« Last post by Doug Rose on June 21, 2018, 08:22:29 PM »
thanks Guys and Lady.....I am quite pleased with it. I know the Chrome bands would be destroyed by the locking mechanism, but it will be safe with me. The fingerwheel is almost like silver matte like the gold matte on the better Color AE 40s.

The screws are there, but the Navy plaque is gone...bummer....if you have one PM me...Doug
Nick....really different North. No idea what the screw holes are for but they look like the are indented into the dial for something? Is there a screw in the holes?  I know North did phones for the Navy as I have a Wood Wall North for the Navy.  Put it on eBay and I bet there will be some interest. thanks.....Doug
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