Author Topic: Box Coin Collecting 725E........  (Read 873 times)

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Box Coin Collecting 725E........
« on: August 16, 2011, 05:16:35 AM »
Hey Guys

This should be arriving at the beginning of next week- to say I thought id have to pay more would be an understatement !


Sadly it cant be used as a paypnone for 2 reasons, the most obvious being it was designed for old big 5 and 10p coins and secondly it would have been paired with a coin check and fee unit and tone generator in the Exchange. Should be fairly straightforward to rewire for normal use though :)
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Re: Coin Collecting Box 725........
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Link to more info- Early ones carried the legend Post Office Telecommunications in place of the British Telecom Logo

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Re: Box Coin Collecting 725E........
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2011, 04:25:50 AM »

Dude!  Score! 

I've wanted one of those badly for years.  (I have the 2-tone gray CCB with separate 741, a red "renter's" POA phone NOS, and a black "armored" one that weighs a metric ton, but the type you have has eluded me so far.)

Question: is the coin mechanism the same as on the more familiar POA phones?  And does the entire handset rest move, or have they used one of those pesky "magnetic-switch handset hooks" that don't move at all? 

Chances are you can find old coins at coin collectors' shops, to use for demonstration purposes.  Coins in somewhat tatty condition should be available cheaply enough.   Building a POA trunk adaptor would be possible: If you still have reverse-polarity on answer, it would be much easier.  You dial and the called party answers: line polarity reverses, triggers an oscillator for rapid pips and shunts the transmitter via a diode.  A coin passing through the trigger switch causes a relay to change polarity back to normal, restoring the transmitter and silencing the rapid pips oscillator.

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Re: Box Coin Collecting 725E........
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Lots of fun at cook-outs!!!
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