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Read This Before Posting Ads

START ALL FOR SALE TOPICS WITH THE WORDS -->          FOR SALE -- (then the item here)
START ALL WANTED TOPICS WITH THE WORDS -->          WANTED -- (then the item here)
START ALL FOR TRADE TOPICS WITH THE WORDS -->          FOR TRADE -- (then the item here)
START ALL FREE TOPICS WITH THE WORDS -->          FREE TO A GOOD HOME -- (then the item here)


This classifieds area is intended for the use of the forum "regulars."  We'll monitor this over time, and may be forced to implement some sort of restrictions on its use, but that's certainly not something we want to do.  The main thing that we don't want to see is a bunch of "for sale" ads posted by those who aren't otherwise an active part of this community.  If you post periodically on the Rotary Phone Forum, these free classifieds are for you.  Thanks!

There are Four Child Boards set up under Classifieds:

For Sale Please put all notices for items for sale here

Wanted Please put all Wanted Items here.

For Trade Please put all for Trade Items here.

Free to a Good Home - Please put all for Free Items here

We request that your title begin with the nature of your request, e.g.:

For Sale: Black 500U set,
Wanted: Black 500U set
For Trade: Black 500U set
Free to a Good Home:  500U set

If you have more than one item, e.g., one for sale, and one for trade, please do it in two posts, each to the appropriate areas!

When your item is complete, or you find one, please let us know that it had been sold/traded/found in a final posting in your topic. This will let people know it is gone, or that it is no longer needed.

ALSO, first change the title of the original topic post to include the word "SOLD" so the status of the item shows up in the last post saying it was sold.,

Thank you, and enjoy!

                  The CRPF Moderators!
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