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SC 1212 Fatboy Issue
« on: December 20, 2013, 06:33:43 PM »
I posted this in the Christamas Projects thread but got no responce so I decided to post it here where it belogs:
I am working on a SC Fatboy. A customer is buying ot as a Christmas gift for his wife.
I did not have much time to start with and it ended up needing more work than I thought. I finally have it back together and almost working properly. I ended up having to service the dial which I wasn't planning on then I had to replace the frequency ringer. I first wired it up without the dial while I was servicing the dial and everything functioned fine. Then I installed the dial, wired it according to the factory wiring diagram and it didn't work! Next I wired the dial according to my diagram, as it was when I took it apart, and it works, but I had a problem. I was getting a loud pop when operating the switch hook and also a loud pop for every dial pulse. I switched one wire and the pops are a lot less. I think the noise is acceptable, I am not sure the dial is wired properly but it is working! A new problem now, intermittently when lifting the handset the volume is very faint, if I lift the body off the base slightly, the volume increases. I have checked the insides a few times and I cannot see where anything would interfere. Any thoughts or ideas on how to proceed? I am running short on time!
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