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Ralph Meyer "Old Time Telephones"
posted this on the TCI list:

Earlier this year, an article that Russell Flinchum and I wrote on Henry
Dreyfuss and Bell Telephones was published in the Winterthur
Portfolio.*  They usually charge $20 to download an article, but because
we told them the telephone clubs might have an interest, they agreed to
make it available free until June 1 at

I just checked, and it is still available free.  I hope you will
download it.


*The journal is published three times a year for the Henry Francis du
Pont Winterthur Museum by The University of Chicago Press.
I contacted Ralph and asked permission to post the link.
His Reply:

Yes, please!  Will you also post the link to my book's 3rd edition. It's
free as well.  Thank you very much.

Ralph's book is  as a great resource regarding telephones. He also covers creating private intercom systems. ....and it is free.

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