Author Topic: Is this really an Antique AE submarine monophone ? ebay #191060024287  (Read 5026 times)

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Re: Is this really an Antique AE submarine monophone ? ebay #191060024287
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Can anyone help identify this phone by date and  type?  Seems to be from a more modern vessel or from a personal phone in an officers cabin?  It  doesn't seem to  match anything tied into WW2 subs when looking at the operation manuals.

It would still be interesting to see the operations manual you mentioned, that contains photos of USN sets with cranks. Is there a link available?

Dear G-man,

I don't have a specific operation's manual I can reference. When I saw this offering on Ebay  I searched Google and Yahoo to see if I could come up with some validation of the item. I quickly thumbed through a WW2 era reference that diagrammed  an old  handset.  I can't seen to relocate it.

Thanks again for the instructive documentation.

This topic was before I joined the forum, but it piqued my interest when Russ posted to it today.  rfkimba, is this the manual you were looking at?  I found it on this page.  Cover and relevant pages attached.

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