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Ivory 354 and more
« on: April 19, 2014, 11:35:35 PM »
I recently saw an auction that showed an ivory 354 in a box along with a unused packaged 554 in yellow on Ebay for a BIN of 35.00  I grabbed it and it arrived today.  The ivory 354 is free from cracks (needs a new fingerwheel) and once cleaned and sanded a bit looks good, I still need to polish it up  The dates inside are 01/55.  There was no ivory F1 handset so I will have to look for one if I end up keeping it. 

Also in the box was a soft plastic ivory handset with dates of 1954 throughout. Not sure if they used it with this 354 or not but it will make someone trying to finish a old ivory soft plastic a good handset. 

To boot was the complete outer workings for a yellow 554 down to the bezel, fingerwheel, and even the cord all still in the plastic inside a box dated 1981.  Overall a great find.