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Re: Northern Elecric No. 1 not hanging up
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DavePEI, that's some interesting info. I had read about the No. 1 being sold to independent companies before, but good to read all the rest of the story in one spot. I'm in Vancouver, so I guess they are a little more rare on this coast. A lot of AE's here it seems. I will make a post with more pictures and details about this phone soon. Was surprised to hear that I had a capacitor that you hadn't seen before. Are there a bunch of styles? Or is it a surprise to see something different? The dial card has a 505 area code so it spent some of it's life closer to you.
They are normally exactly the same as those on a 302 and clamp on to the base the same as a 302s clamps on. There is a possibility yours has been replaced at some time (actually a probability), as I have seen a lot of Uniphones (by the way, that is the correct name to call them by) and I have never seen he thicker non clamped capacitor on one...

You mention seeing Northern Electric in BC. That makes sense, as BC Tel used them for many years, and in fact eventually bought AE in Canada in 1979. It was only later, after the closure of AE that they began using NE/NT.

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