Author Topic: If only phones could talk...  (Read 995 times)

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If only phones could talk...
« on: October 14, 2014, 06:47:58 PM »
How many times have we found phones with odd combinations of features or noticed something strange and wondered how they got that way?
Wouldn't it be great if they could tell us what happened to them over the years?
I was recently shown a WE 750 panel phone that came close.
The first odd feature is the handset cord.  It's easy to see from the photos that the original cord had failed and was replaced.  The cord reel is totally missing.  Rather than using a coiled cord, as was often done, this set has a piece of straight cord that has been "sort of" coiled.  Closer examinations shows it is not a standard handset cord, but rather a length of inside wire!
The strain relief is several turns of duct tape -- to keep the cord from being pulled too far out of the housing.
The second feature was a pointed rod sticking out the back of the apparatus box.
After opening the box, we find written instructions.
1. The word TOP is circled and highlighted with an arrow.
2. Below that are the words, "Use concrete nails if you wish."
3. Below that are the words, "Pull our wire in here" and "Push out" near the knock-out plugs.
Can't you almost hear the installer's frustration at showing up to install the phone to find that the homeowner or contractor wasn't ready to have the box mounted? 
"Here are some instructions on how to mount the box.  Call me when you're ready for me to mount the phone."

Apparently the concrete nails were the fastener of choice, but the available nail gun wasn't up to the task of penetrating the apparatus box.  They didn't even bother to remove the failed attempt.  One wonders how it was finally installed.
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Re: If only phones could talk...
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If only phones could talk...

You mean they don't scream "buuuuy meeeee buuuuy meeeee buuuuy meeeee buuuuy meeeee buuuuy meeeee!!!!"?? Must just be me...  ;D