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1939 WE 304
« on: December 03, 2014, 10:17:01 PM »
After taking a break from 302s, I wound up winning an auction for this one for $36.75 (shipping included).  I could tell by the square "D" on the dial plate and the smaller oval condenser recess on the base that it was a '39 or older.  It showed up today so naturally I had to tear into it and check it out.  It turns out to be a matching numbers 304 from 12-39 (except for the F1 element dated 1/37).  The first clue was the orange H3 stamped on the inside of the body.  After removing the body, I spotted a 101B coil with the M terminal, and the L-shaped terminal block on the base.  The 5H dial is dated IV-39 and has the original tan rubber dial gasket in great shape.  A few minutes of rewiring the ringer and it now rings and dials out.  The receiver cap needs to be replaced and there's a small snag or two on the handset cord.  The original paint is in good shape, especially on the base.  This should clean up nicely.  I'll probably keep this one original except for a new line cord.
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Re: 1939 WE 304
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Very Nice snag!

      Such a shame that the only non-dates-match part was callously substituted for one two years older, and even more desirable... 8)

     Keep up the good work, and the sharp eye! Most of all, enjoy! ;D

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