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Soft Moss Green 500 for Trade- on eBay

Started by Kenton K, January 02, 2015, 10:41:03 PM

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Kenton K

Hi y'all,

I recently found got myself a second soft green set. I would love to keep it, but I realize I would rather have another soft color set that I am missing.

The set is an all matching dates first quarter 1958. All parts are 1958, including the light gray line cord which I presume is original. The base is good, the leather pads are good. The only real problem I know of is the few twists in the handset cord, and hairline cracks in the open center fingerwheel.

I would love to trade for a SP


I'm also looking for
Oxf. Gray


Kenton K


Well, it went for $113.50 - I hope congrats are in order (i.e., you didn't lose money on it).  I was one of the bidders, then it jumped over $100 at the end and I said "Too rich for my blood!".

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Interesting G3 handle with both a 2-58 and a -57 date, one stamped and one molded.
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Kenton K

Your right. I don't think this is the first phone the forum has seen with a 57 molded date and a later stamped date. Seems to be present only only some of the phones, and some colors. Perhaps they were experimenting with the new molded dates and only as a 57 mold to work with. I don't know though.