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wiring a 354 for 1A1 service

Started by Babybearjs, January 16, 2015, 04:33:16 PM

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OK guys.... heres a good question. I have a 354 that I rewired for 1A1 key service. I can't remember how I did it, but I did it all the same. now how would you rewire the phone to be used on a 1A1/1A2 system? the same goes for a 304C.   


Rob one pair of hookswitch contacts by connecting the line directly to RR. Remember that the A/A1 leads must open last; otherwise, the line will go on hold when you hang up--so you may have to adjust the contacts.

Section C63.433, Issue 3, shows 354A/C for individual lines with green (TIP) line  and red-green hookswitch leads on L2 terminal, and the slate-red hookswitch lead on RR of the induction coil. Also a slate-red jumper going from RR on induction coil to  R on dial.

So you could move the green line wire from L2 on the terminal block to RR on the induction coil (bypassing the red-green/slate-red hookswitch contacts), and leave the slate-red jumper on RR of induction coil. This frees up the slate-red hookswitch wire (from RR) and the red-green hookswitch wire (from L2). (Red line wire (RING) stays on L1 terminal along with yellow hookswitch wire.)

There shouldn't be anything connected to M on the induction coil. You'll have to connect the slate and slate-red ringer wires together on E (354) or GND (304). The red ringer wire would connect to L1  and the black ringer wire to K if you are using it as a line ringer rather than common audible. The yellow ringing capacitor wire would move from L2 to RR.
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does anyone know if there was a BSP talking about doing this?


no, it the 1A1. the slt-red and the grn-red wired off the switch hook are the A-Lead wires.