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Automatic electric with sunburst dial

Started by wds, January 24, 2015, 10:47:08 AM

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Can someone help me figure out what the deal is with this candlestick?  Currently selling for $4k.  Ordinary step base, with a W.E. transmitter and modified cup.  The dial is a rare sunburst, but it's incomplete with the mechanicals removed from the back of the dial.  I figured at best this candlestick would go for a few hundred dollars.  Complete dials with no damage have been going for less than $2k.  What am I missing?




No last second snipes on this auction. Whomever bid the $4,150 2 days before the auction ended won the phone for that price.

Our multi-bidding friend "g***0" ran that bid, which must have been a very high bid, up to $4,100 with about 8 various multiple $100 dollar incremental bids which had to make the winner happy . . .   ;)

Even "g***0" gave up trying to find the high side some 12 hours before the auction ended.


          WOW!!! I knew the dial was high , but not that high!!! Here's the pic of the missing piece.  stub
Kenneth Stubblefield