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Turquoise Trimline restoration
« on: January 31, 2015, 05:45:27 PM »
I'm working on a late 70s/early 80s Turquoise restoration (know it's Turquoise, as the inside plastics have a different shade than a comparable Aqua Blue).
Since it's a nice sunny (but cold - 30F/-1C for the high), I decided to play with the Salon Care products.

So far, I have been wet sanding the top of the phone, and thought I'll give the base the chemical treatment (mostly because I can't get that last bit of yellowing off the top...). Here are the before and after pictures.  The top is on the left (sanded, at the 800 grit stage), the base is in the middle (showing the before and after), and the faceplate (not treated yet) is on the right.  In the last picture, I have the inside on display, to show the true color.

Treatment was about 7 hours total: 4 for the first go round, then a wash (to see where I had some "misses" with the creme), then another 3 hours (flipping everything around so that the back side got sunlight). The base was kept inside a plastic case (now my "peroxide box") to keep stuff out and possibly warm it up a little (I did keep it outside).

After all, the base looks a little more Aqua Blue, but I guess I'll still need to sand it, just hopefully not as much as without the chemical work.  Stay tuned...

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