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Re: C*NET Publicity
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I think your post was pretty much spot on there. C*net isn't publicised at all. And the fact it shares it's name with a tech website doesn't help when searching for it either!

Like you, I'm a phone collector. I don't have huge racks of equipment because I don't have the space for anything like that. I just use C*net to talk to fellow collectors and enthusiasts while using the old phones I have dotted around the house. Originally I didn't have my own asterisk based server, I just used an ATA box to connect to connect me to Ian Jolly's system here in the UK. However I wanted to give a little something back and help C*net to grow, so I got an asterisk server (running Astlinux on a slightly midified HP thin client) which allowed me to open my own 'exchange' and provide some lines with interesting vintage recordings that people can dial into.

I think of C*net not as a network of computer servers but more like an old telephone company that just happens to have computerized exchanges, with different individuals owning and maintaining each exchange.

For me the beauty of C*net is it's unique ability to preserve parts of our history. here in the UK our phone numbers have evilved a lot over the years, with changed dialling codes and extra digits inserted into numbers. However with C*net I can use a 1970s phone to call family and friends on exactly the same numbers I called them on in 1975!!!! All they need is an ATA connected to my 'exchange' server or the free Zoiper app on their mobile phone.

I'd like to see C*net expand because I'd like to see more people use it. We preserve all this old equipment but what's the point if it never clatters, clicks, whirrs and rings into life. There's no fun in looking at a beautifully restorred Strowger rack that isn't doing anything and it's nice when the vintage phones around the house actually ring. That's why my c*net contact details are on the bottom of every post I make on this forum.

My one criticism of C*net is that e-mail list. I absolutely hate e-mail lists in general. They clog up my e-mail and the info on them gets lost within a few hours with no easy way of going back to access it. Maybe a C*net board on this forum would be a better option?


I will gladly host such a forum FREE. I have dedicated servers. I hate the email lists too.
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Re: C*NET Publicity
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...You don't need to do that in order to just call other systems, you can configure your Asterisk system with the ENUM resolver and be done with it...

Not without !!!!ing some people off I discovered the hard way.
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Re: C*NET Publicity
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I have concluded the following:


I never imagined how they would treat me on their list.

On a further note , I pointed out to them that I did recall leaving a message on TCI List or forum, many years ago suggesting that these guys with old switches try using asterisk . I also recall that as I did  not understand all of their requirements it was not clear that it would even work at the time. I was however busy running a VoIP business at that time and did not follow up.  I have been on and off that C*Net listserve many times over the years. Still however they treated me like a newbie and were even offended when I put a node up in a day without seeking their "expert" advice or help.

I have pointed out that they have the ENTIRE 1 747 prefix assigned but unused, and I requested it,  and suddenly I was the enemy. I was making waves and "demanding" however the part of their own rules (which they do not publish fully anywhere) that are published do clearly state they should have reassigned it and did not.

I also requested assignment to get the first Mexico node up and nobody ever followed up. I never got any numbers assigned despite there being no +52 node in existence to date and ALL prefixes in +52 are available.

They took all the fun out of it.

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Re: C*NET Publicity
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It looks like it is several ways to administrate C*NET, I have had a pretty passive relation to C*NET but th politics of the European part of C*NET is very simple but limited by some simple ideas.  All countries has got new dial plans, but C*NET tries to re-establish and follow the historical ones.  You may host a an area wit a few numbers, or a country if you allow new members to to be hosted by you. As well as possible peaple may get their old numbers as they grew up with, wit the area-codes, preferably from as long time back as possible. If you do not have such number, you should get numbers witch would be natural from your area. Where I live we got dial telephones inn 1968, so her we are under +47 (Norway) area-code 02 (Oslo ++) 6 digits starting on 66 or 67. Other areas had 3 digit area codes, and 5 digit numbers, when you dig deeper you could maybe find a number of local under exchange. (a small cabinet along a track) 

I like that, and I will give great credit to those planning all this. 

On the other hand

I have had little communication over this system and most for use of test numbers, clock, weather etc.
For the common user not especially interested in this a free account in Callcentric are much easier to set up, and may easily be changed to a real account with reasonable costs for telephony services to the regular telephone network.

Obviously C*NET does not fit your needs
, but with your background you may probably set up a server, and automatic registration as Callcentric and host a lot of free telephone collectors witch find C*NET bureaucratic, at least if you may convince us that you will keep this service running free for many years.

I am not very easy to reach because of my struggle to connect my PAX via a DIY trunk to the Callcentric Network.
You may call the Callcentric number 1 777 292 2141  or regular N.Y. number 1 646 570 1796
You get a voice message, then if you go for 2 and you get to my PAX with a strange dial tone, dial 6 and after a few more seconds it rings on my desk, if it not is night here in Norway.  :-)

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Please notify me of dead links in my postings.

C*NET +1 999-3011

I have even got a regular New York number :-) 646 570 1796

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Re: C*NET Publicity
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Mark, who exactly are "they" at C*net? I use the system all the time and have no problems with it. I also got lots of help setting it up. However I am in the UK, which I understand is administered differently to that in the US. C*net has US administrators and "rest of world" admins who are different. If you are in Mmexico then I'd say you're in the "rest of world" area, so the person you need to speak to about getting number allocations would be Ian Jolly in the UK.

We do have some rules about dial plans, but those are in place so the whole system replicates the old telephone system as closely as possible. Remember, C*net is for those wanting to replicate the hostoric system, it is not meant for VOIP experimentation. C*net members are encouraged to connect heritage equipment, which is exactly what people do here in the UK. It doesn't mean it can't be useful though. All my old phones at home connect to the outside world via a PBX. That PBX has three external lines, one POTS and 2x C*net. I also have the Zoiper app on my cell phone, which enables me to call home for free from anywhere in the world with a data connection.

As for recordings connected to C*net, that is entirely up to whoever is running that particular "exchange" or "local office". I have never come across any content I regard as racist at all.
Call me on C*net 0246 81 290 from the UK
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