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Hi from Virginia

Started by upthecreek, February 09, 2015, 02:26:46 PM

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I'm Tim and live in Va. I'm not a phone collector. I'm an outdoors enthusiast and axe collector. I have a cool man cave and have wanted a wooden wall phone for a long time. I ran across a hello central wall phone recently and in my search for info I landed here. I'm hoping to get it up and running again and this seems like a good place to begin my journey.



Hi Tim:

Welcome to the Forum! I do hope you will enjoy and learn from it. It is a great bunch of people who belong!

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Greetings from "Inside the Beltway", but still in Virginia, thank goodness.

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Hi! Welcome to the forum!
Some pictures and a description of what your issues are would be helpful. If the "Hello Central" is what I think it is you may be better off starting with a different phone.
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Thanks everyone. Going to get some pictures up tonight. Maybe I just got a cheap wall decoration. Sorta hoping I can get it working though. Hope so anyways.



EDIT:  this phone is being discussed at the link below