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Western Electric 691A subscriber set
« on: February 23, 2015, 09:27:49 PM »
Ending today on eBay was an auction for a fairly infrequently seen subscriber set for an early 1960s teletypewriter.  It was sitting for a week at $30 and until a few seconds before end it looked like it would go for mere peanuts, but then the auction snipers hit it up for $305.

The 691A and its predecessor, the 689A, looked on casual view just like a 564 key telephone, but had a different key, a 7L dial (later 9L), no hookswitch contacts and no transmitter.  The transmitter handset cap was closed up, no holes.  This handset was known as the 732A receiver.  The network was a 425F which had no induction coil, only the ringing condenser and the radio frequency low-pass filter for the dial contacts.

The push buttons of the key served call control functions, rather than selecting CO lines.

See BSP 972-100-100 Issue 1, Aug.1961

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Re: Western Electric 691A subscriber set
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Karl, thank you for making a post on this. I was intrigued on how high it went and had no idea why. Of course, I noticed that it lacked a transmitter, but I was unsure on how special it actually was. 


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Re: Western Electric 691A subscriber set
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There's more info and photos (showing the desi strip legends) available here:
More BSP references covering the subset:
C38.061.01 (Issue 1: 12/62)
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