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Lineman Phone 1013B 10-79
« on: March 06, 2015, 11:07:30 PM »
A friend gave me this 1013B phone. Trouble is it has been totally taken apart in a lot of pieces (The dialer has a nice enamel number wheel). Would like to put it back together, but I feel this is well over my head. I think it's hardly worth the effort as EBay sells them around the $20 mark. However it may be the challenge and learning experience and something to hang up in my workshop that I might want to give it a shot.
Is there any info out there to help me with this project, if I decide to take it.
John DeJonge
PS  I didn't notice a ringer.
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Re: Lineman Phone 1013B 10-79
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Just think of it as a workman's version of the princess phone. You can do it. I can always sent you my blue one to take apart and see how it goes back together.  ;D

Doug / Autonut 

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Re: Lineman Phone 1013B 10-79
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2015, 01:03:43 AM »
Hi Doug & G-Man,
The project is coming along. Did a lot of cleaning and polishing the housing and some of the parts and lubricated the 11C dial a wee bit. Also cleaned the gears a bit and used RS electronic cleaner on the contacts.
I had spread out all parts and screws and was able to reassemble the unit without things left over. Just one screw missing I think. It's the one that holds down the receiver end of inside receiver "yoke".
The only thing left is to put the 11C dial back together and need a bit of help with the proper sequence of assembly.
I placed the clear, flat, plastic "shroud" on dial unit and then placed the number wheel on top and secured it with the retainer washer.
And here's what I got left:
finger wheel
finger stop gizmo
washer that looks like a little 3 spoke propeller
washer with 2 tabs (one bend over)
washer that is very thin and a bit curved
plastic logo button
little "E" retainer ring
I think that the spring of dial (which is a kinda limp right now) needs to be pre-loaded or reloaded so that it spins back with the proper spirit. 
I searched the forum, TCI library, and the BSP but came up flat.
Thanking you for any help or direction.
John DeJonge
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