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11C dial assembly
« on: March 11, 2015, 11:40:48 PM »
Hi there,
Trouble finishing assembly of 11C dial from a Lineman phone 1013B 10-79. I believe this dial is similar to the 10 dial of the rotary Trimline.
So far placed the moulded plastic disc on top of dial. Placed the enamel number wheel on top of that and secured it with the retainer ring.
I hope I did good so far. Need to know what steps to do next.
Here's what I have left over:
finger wheel
finger stop gizmo
small washer that's shaped like a small 3 spoke propeller
small "E" retainer ring
ring washer with two tabs (one folded over)
very thin washer
plastic logo center (I'm sure I know where that goes)
Also the dial spring may have to be rewound / pre-wound as it may have unwound during disassembly. When I turn the centre now it's a bit limp.
Any help or direction is appreciated, thanks. John
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