Author Topic: Finding "Roses" in this Dark Beige 500!  (Read 5764 times)

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Re: Finding "Roses" in this Dark Beige 500!
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Here are some screen shots from Clambake (1967) with Elvis and James Gregory (who plays his father--some of you may remember him as Inspector Luger on Barney Miller).

The first picture is Elvis answering his aqua blue car phone. His father is calling.

The second and third pictures show his father's secretary with the handset. The phone is located next to these windows on a stand and she pulls the handset cord all the way to the middle of the room and gives it to Elvis' dad, who's having a haircut and a manicure at the same time. The handset looks ivory in these shots, and a little dirty on the end too. I don't see the usual WE strain relief on the handset, so it's probably something cobbled up by the prop people. If you look closely, you can see another phone in the background on the right. He was an oil baron. I guess he had several in each room. :)

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Re: Finding "Roses" in this Dark Beige 500!
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They must have phones everywhere in that house.  There's another one on the right side of the last photo right next to the lamp.